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Organic Beetle Control - 40 oz

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Say sayonara to Japanese beetles with this all natural insect control powder. It kills beetles, prevents the next generation of beetles from breeding, and is completely non-toxic.

Beetle grubs eat the roots of plants, making them look sick and unhealthy. Now, you can return the favor with Milky Spore powder - it sickens and kills beetle grubs with targeted bacteria. These bacteria only affects Japanese Beetle Grubs, so this lawn treatment wont harm other insects, animals, or people.

Bacillus popillae-Dutky is very specific - it only attacks Japanese Beetle Grubs and gives them a disease called Milky Spore. This targeted defense of your yard protects all the other animals in your backyard ecosystem. This insect control will not harm the worms that aerate your soil, it will not affect the ladybugs that eat predators, it will not harm the butterflies that pollinate plants, and it wont affect songbirds that eat these insects.

This non-toxic insect killer is safe to use around small children, the elderly, and pets (unless you have pet beetles!). It does not use toxic chemicals, and the control agent is 100% biodegradable.

How to identify Japanese Beetles

When Japanese beetles attack a plant, they eat away all of the greenery and make leaves look skeletal. They also produce C shaped dead patches on the lawn, and adult beetles are easy to spot while they're munching away. The grubs are a bit harder to identify, because they live underground. If your grass starts wilting without any visible damage, or if you dig up tiny white "worms", then you may have a grub infestation.

During it's life cycle, the Japanese Beetle will eat just about anything. Young beetles feed on the roots and stems of plants, and they're particularly fond of grass. Mature beetles eat fruits, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and the leaves of many different ornamental plants. On average, each female beetle will lay about 50 eggs a season.

Japanese Beetle Killer breaks the life cycle of this pest. It kills immature grubs in 7 to 21 days, which prevents the grubs from maturing into adults. Without adults, the beetles are unable to breed, and there are eventually no more grubs. Once all of the grubs die off, there are no more beetles (except for a few strays that fly in from a neighboring yard). To accelerate the process, we recommend using this grub killer along with non-toxic traps that catch adult beetles.

One of the best things about the Milky Spore bacteria is that it is self replicating. As it kills grubs, this bacteria will spread millions of spores throughout the soil. The worse the Beetle infestation, the more spores will be produced, and the more effective the beetle control. Spores will stay active in the soil for months and even years, and they will spread to neighboring areas to eliminate the source of the beetles. 15 to 20 years after treatment, many yards are still protected by spores that wait in the soil to fend off beetle attack.

Application instructions

This treatment can be shaken out on your yard using a sift shaker or specially designed applicator. It can also be mixed with chlorine free water and sprayed. One easy way to use it is to mix a tablespoon of Milky Spore with every pound of fertilizer that you apply to your lawn.

Technical Details

This bottle contains 40 ounces of Milky Spore bacteria. That's enough bacteria to treat 10,000 square feet (or to treat 5,000 square feet twice). A 10 ounce container of Japanese Beetle killer is also available. This treatment meets USDA standard for non-toxic insect control, and it is also approved by the EPA. It does not affect water quality, and is safe to use near water wells, streams, creeks, and ponds.
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