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Mantis Corded Electric Garden Tiller

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  • Now comes with a border edger.

    We searched for an electric garden tiller for years, and Mantis finally introduced one that lives up to our high expectations. An electric tiller solves all the typical problems with a gas tiller such as mixing and storing fuel, starting the engine, and dealing with smoke and noise. It's a terrific Clean Air Gardening solution!

    The incredibly powerful but lightweight Mantis Electric Tiller tills even the hardest of soils. It's 21 pounds of pure performance. The secret is the patented Mantis serpentine tines. So easy to start and easy to handle, and it lifts easily into raised beds.

    The exclusive design digs deep into any soil, even hard clay, and won't bounce like other mini-tillers. The secret is the patented tine design.

    120 volt. double-insulated electric motor. Simply plug it in and squeeze the throttle. Quiet - perfect for city and townhouse gardeners.

    Simply set the switch to the tilling speed best suited for your gardening project. Tines spin at up to 240 RPM.

    Compact design makes it easy to till in narrow spaces; tills a 9" path.

    Just 21 pounds. Easy to lift, with built-in carrying handle.

    10" Tilling Depth, or reverse the tines to shallow cultivate the top 2" - 3" of soil.

    Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee against broken tines.

    You'll need an outdoor rated extension cord with this Mantis electric garden tiller.

  • Amazingly quiet!
  • Don't have to worry about mixing up fuel
  • Digs down 10 inches
  • Easy to start, easy to operate
  • So small and compact you can use it anywhere
  • Cuts through hard sod, compact soil or tangly weeds
  • Perfect for townhouse and city gardeners
  • Great optional attachments and accessories available
  • So versatile, you'll use it throughout the entire gardening season.
  • Includes border edger.

  • FAQ

    1. Can I use the Electric Tiller in wet soil, or in mud?

    Yes you can. Remember to keep the tines, and the area around the transmission and fender, clear of packed mud for maximum efficiency.

    2. Is there a circuit breaker, fuse, or other quick shut-off feature?

    Yes there is a built-in circuit breaker. Additionally, when you release the trigger, the power shuts off. There’s also a built-in lockout trigger that prevents you from accidentally squeezing the power trigger without having a full grip on the handle.

    3. Does the Electric Tiller use air filters?

    The motor is protected by an internal and external housing to minimize exposure to dust, therefore an air filter is not required.

    4. What happens if the Electric Tiller gets wet?

    The areas most sensitive are the motor and circuit board, which are protected by an enclosure. As with any electrical product, don’t use it in the rain. If it does get wet, we recommend you not operate it until it has dried.

    5. Why does the unit come with a two-prong power-supply cord instead of a three-prong plug?

    The Mantis Electric Tiller is double-insulated and is electrically safe. It was engineered with two barriers of insulation, based on the design of the handles and the housing. We’ve taken this extra step so it is not necessary to rely on the use of a three-prong plug.

    6. What type of cord is supplied in the Cord Management Kit?

    We supply a three-prong extension for your convenience. The Cord Management Kit is also useful for other electric-powered gardening equipment, such as a string trimmer or hedge trimmer, which may not be double-insulated.

    7. How fast do the tines spin?

    The tines spin at up to 240rpm. They cut through tough sod and clay soil like a chainsaw cuts through wood.

    8. Does the Electric Tiller use the same “push forward/pull backward” motion as the Gas Tiller?


    9. Can I use any type of extension cord with the Mantis Electric Tiller?

    Based on the total length of cord you are going to use, be sure the cord meets the minimum cord gauge requirement. Refer to the following:

    1’ to 25’ 18 gauge
    26’ to 50’ 16 gauge
    51’ to 100’ 14 gauge
    101’ to 150’ 12 gauge
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