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Liquid Bone Meal organic fertilizer

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This organic fertilizer is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM MANUFACTURER. Visit our section of organic fertilizers to see our entire selection.

Phosphorus is an important part of any soil fertility and plant nutrition program. Bloom-A-Long 0-12-0 a concentrated liquid bone meal product contains 12 percent readily available phosphorus (P), which is reflected by the grade 0-12-0 (NPK). Phosphorus aids in plant establishment, production of prolific blooms and high yields of top quality fruits.

Bottle contains 16 ounces, which makes the equivalent of 70 pounds of bone meal!

  • Provides a readily usable source of phosphorus and calcium
  • Releases slowly over the growing season
  • Perfect for all bulbs and transplants
  • Outstanding performance on root and fruit crops
  • Ideal for flowers
  • Convenient liquid concentrate
  • Liquid form eliminates any nuisance dust

    Bloom-A-Long is recommended for application during transplanting of vegetable and flower starts, and planting bulbs and seeds. It increases root development which produces faster growing, healthier plants. Application of Bloom-A-Long to carrots and potatoes increases the size and quality of the roots and tubers. Bulbs may be split more frequently.

    It also helps to increase phosphorus availability during flowering and fruit development lengthening the flowering period and production of higher numbers of flowers and fruits. Bloom-A-Long contains readily available phosphorus, as well as a granular portion which will break down over time. As a result, phosphorus is readily available during early plant development, and the rest becomes available throughout the growing season. The microfine texture of the phosphorus in liquid form makes it bio-available in a shorter period thereby making it more suited to plant needs. The fineness also facilitates deeper penetration into the soil profile so it becomes available to a greater percentage of plant roots than the coarser granular products.

    Bloom-A-Long is excellent for feeding fruits, trees, flowers, vegetables and crops that require extra phosphorus during early bud formation and fruit enlargement. Bloom-A-Long also contains approximately 9% calcium which improves soil tilth, nutrient exchange capacity, and is useful in correcting calcium deficiencies of plants that require extra calcium such as tomatoes.

    Guaranteed minimum analysis: Available phosphoric acid 12 percent. It also typically contains 9 percent Calcium.

    Application and Use:

    Recommended rate: mix three capfuls (15 ml or 1 tablespoon) of product in every litre of water to make a mixture. Apply monthly up to three times per season. The product is thick so agitate well before and between applications.

    For one time use per season, apply 9 capfuls (3 tablespoons) in every litre of water.

    For established plants: it is recommended to apply the mixture into the soil around the roots in early Spring, and before and after bloom. Water in after application.

    For transplants and bulbs: pour mixture into hole before planting, enough to drench the soil.

    Bloom-A-Long will not burn plants when used as directed.
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