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Natural Liquid Thatch Remover (Dethatcher)Natural Liquid Thatch Remover (Dethatcher)

Natural Liquid Thatch Remover (Dethatcher)

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Thatch buildup is bad news for your lawn! You can hit it hard with a dethatching rake or rent a large dethatcher machine if you want to get physical. But for most cases of thatch that are not too extreme, a liquid dethatcher will break down all your thatch issues over the spring and summer mowing season.

This all natural liquid thatch remover attaches directly to your garden hose. Just water it in!

Thatch is a tightly intermingled layer of living and dead stems, leaves and roots that have accumulated between the growing grass, and the soil underneath.

Liquid Thatch Remover is a complex blend of safe, natural beneficial microbes that break down thatch by accelerating the natural decomposition, converting the thatch into a rich, organic fertilizer.

It contains no fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. It is environmentally friendly, and safe to use around pets. It will not interfere with other lawn treatments.

Bottle contains 32 ounces.


When you turn on the hose, it takes approximately 4 minutes to spray out the contents of the bottle. So be prepared to cover the lawn space in about that time period. Apply when ground temperature is at least 45 degrees. For best results, apply in the evening, followed by a light watering. Use three times per year.
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Natural Liquid Thatch Remover (Dethatcher)