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120 lumen LED Bulb for Reading Lamps

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Unfortunately, these LED light bulbs are no longer available. Check out our other LED and compact fluorescent lighting that's available.

Replace your 50 watt bulbs with LEDs and start saving money!

About 90% of the energy that incandescent bulbs use is converted into heat. That's wasted energy, and it can drive your air conditioning bill through the roof. If you'd rather light up your home than heat it, LED technology is the answer. LEDs squeeze the most light out of every watt of electricity!

LED bulbs do generate a small amount of heat, but this bulb has design features to minimize even that minimal amount. It incorporates 20 radial cooling fins. These fins act as heat sinks and help dissipate hot air from the LED to ensure cool operating temperatures.

What's an LED?

LEDs (or Light Emitting Diodes) are a mature, well-tested technology. They've been used for several decades in the electronics industry and offer superior performance compares to other bulbs. LEDs last longer while using less power. They also produce less heat, which leads to additional power savings on air conditioning costs.

Recent technological advances have paved the way for brighter LEDs that outperform incandescent and even compact fluorescent bulbs. These LED bulbs screw into standard wall sockets and work in the traditional way. Unlike older LEDs, these bulbs offer enough lumens to light up an entire room.

Why choose LED bulbs?

LEDs use far less electricity - up to 90% less than an incandescent bulb. They use even less energy than compact fluorescents! Compared with a 50W incandescent bulb, this bulb uses only 5 Watts to produce the same amount of light (120 Lumens). Also, unlike other bulbs that scatter light in every direction, LED bulbs produce directional light that isn't absorbed by the fixture or dissipated by reflectors.

If you're installing a bulb in a difficult to reach spot (such as the 2nd floor ceiling over an atrium) then you'll appreciate the reduced maintenance that LED bulbs offer. They last up to 50 times longer than incandescent lights and 5 times longer than compact fluorescents, which means fewer trips up and down the ladder. LED bulbs also wear out differently - they will gradually fade rather than abruptly going out. After 50,000 hours of operation, this bulb will still offer 70% of its initial intensity.

Please note, LED lamps are not intended for use with dimmers. Dimmers can cause uneven loads that damage the lighting elements and shorten their lifespan. On the other hand, they work well with timers and photocells.

LEDs are perfect for galleries or studio settings. This bulb produces none of the light that can age photographs or artwork (it produces no Ultraviolet or Infrared radiation). When you want to protect valuable decorations from fading and appreciate them at the same time, choose an LED for safe, sharp light!

Technical Stats:

  • Power Consumption: 5 Watts
  • Output: 120 Lumens
  • Beam Angle: 100 degrees
  • Heat produced: Less than 125 degrees Fahrenheit (52 degrees Celsius)
  • 50,000 hours or more of life expectancy
  • RoHS compliant (free of Mercury and other toxins)
  • Fits a standard light socket
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