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LED Floodlight - indoor or outdoor useLED Floodlight - indoor or outdoor use

LED Floodlight - indoor or outdoor use

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We're sorry, but this LED floodlight is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Please see our section of LED and Compact Fluorescent Lighting for our current energy efficient lighting options.

The more the merrier! With an array of 168 LED bulbs, this floodlight offers bright, warm, true color light. Since these bulbs use LED technology, you get the most out of every watt of electricity.

This light is specifically designed for floodlight and security applications. It's engineered for maximum endurance, and is a great choice for fixtures that need to be on for long, continuous periods. It offers dependable, powerful light for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Choose the color that fits your need - this flood light is available in Warm White or Yellow. The Warm White light puts out light that has a fuller spectrum than comparable incandescent or CFL bulbs. The Yellow light is ideal for areas where bugs are a problem. This buglight will brighten the night without attracting swarms of insects (because they can't see light in the yellow frequency).

What's an LED?

LEDs (or Light Emitting Diodes) are a mature, well-tested technology. They've been used for several decades in the electronics industry and last longer while using less power. They also produce less heat, which can result in additional power savings. (When you use incandescent bulbs indoors, 90% of the energy is converted into heat that must then be cooled by air conditioners or fans.)

Recent technological advances have paved the way for arrays of brighter LEDs that can replace incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs. These LED bulbs screw into standard wall sockets and work in the traditional way. Unlike older LEDs, these bulbs offer enough lumens to light up an entire room.

Why choose LED bulbs?

LEDs use far less electricity - up to 90% less than an incandescent bulb. They use even less energy than compact fluorescents! Compared with a 100W incandescent bulb, this bulb uses only 9.6 Watts to produce the same amount of light (250 Lumens). Also, unlike other bulbs that scatter light in every direction, LED bulbs produce directional light that isn't absorbed by the fixture or dissipated by reflectors. That means more of the light they produce is usable, and they seem to produce brighter light compared to bulbs that produce more lumens but scatter the light all around.

If you're installing a bulb in a difficult to reach spot (such as a porch light that requires a ladder to reach) then you'll appreciate the reduced maintenance that LED bulbs offer. They last up to 50 times longer than incandescent lights and 5 times longer than compact fluorescents, which means fewer trips up and down the ladder. LED bulbs also wear out differently - they will gradually fade rather than abruptly going out. After 50,000 hours of operation, this bulb will still offer 70% of its initial intensity.

Please note, LED lamps are not intended for use with dimmers. Using this lamp with a dimmer could shorten its lifespan considerably, but it is designed to work with timers and/or photocells.

LED Floodlight Technical Stats:

  • Input: 9.6 Watts
  • Output: 250 Lumens
  • Heat produced: Less than 125 degrees Fahrenheit (52 degrees Celsius)
  • 4.75" Diameter bulb
  • 50,000 hours or more of life expectancy
  • 168 LED components (for scattered light and improved redundancy)
  • Available in Warm White or Yellow
  • RoHS compliant (free of Mercury and other toxins)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use With Glass Cover
  • Uses a standard light socket (Par 38)
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