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Gator Grabber Long Handled Lawn and Leaf Scoop

Price: $39.99
Regular Price: $49.99

This item is no longer available. We have plenty of long handled garden tools available.

Cleaning up the lawn and garden can often be an annoying task. All of the bending over and reaching down is sure to leave you with some back pain. This is a problem for many people, and it makes the cleanup task even more daunting.

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However, this long handled lawn and leaf scoop makes the problem disappear. It's a durable, back saving tool that is able to pick up all sorts of lawn debris, from leaves to even logs - all in the while saving you unnecessary back stress and strain.

This lawn and leaf scoop, also known as the Radius Gator Grabber, features telescoping shafts, and easily adjusts to the ideal length for any task in the lawn or garden.

The nylon fiber jaws of this tool are lined with teeth for gripping when you go to pick items up. This allows the jaw to securely hold items in place while you've got them in your grasp. The jaws are also angled to provide flexibility and to make picking up debris a cinch!

To use, just bring the tool around to the desired object (such as a pile of leaves), use the telescopic handles to open up the jaw, clasp down on the object, and move it to the desired location and discard. It's that easy.

Gator Grabber Product Details

  • Dimensions: 14 inches wide x 10 inches high x 37 inches long
  • Weight: 64 ounces.

  • Different Uses for the Radius Gator Grabber Long Handled Lawn and Leaf Scoop:

  • Picking up leaves
  • Picking up twigs
  • Moving branches
  • Picking up logs
  • Pick up and move rocks
  • Stacking a wood pile
  • Moving pots
  • Moving rocks
  • Mixing compost
  • Turning compost
  • Stable use

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