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Push Reel Mowers
Modern reel mowers are easy to push! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. People who think they are hard to push usually haven't seen or touched a reel mower in 20 years.
Electric Mowers
If you don't mind dealing with an extension cord, a corded electric mower is an excellent choice. Corded mowers are very light weight, which makes them easy to maneuver. They are also extremely dependable and virtually maintenance free.
Electric Trimmers & Blowers
We looked at the electric trimmers, hedgers and blowers available on the market and chose these products for their top design, excellent manufacturer's warranty and superior performance.
Garden Hose Reels
Garden hose reels, pots and carts make keeping the garden hose clean and tangle-free easy.
These lawn care products help you keep your yard looking healthy and great.
Organic Fertilizers
Organic fertilizers help you improve the soil of your lawn and garden. Healthy soil is the long term key to lawn and garden success.
Patio Furniture
This great collection of patio furniture includes products made from FSC certified sustainable forestry wood, and other products made from recycled plastic that looks just like wood.