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Dog Urine Grass Protector

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Having a dog as a part of the family is wonderful, but unfortunately, their urine can cause damage to the grass in your yard. The yellow and brown spots in the grass are a visible sign of root damage. If your lawn has been affected by pet urine, consider using this grass protector to fix those dog spots.

Using a unique greenalizer technology, Guard Dog lawn protectant focuses on the roots of grass where dog urine damage occurs. Dog urine contains ammonia and salts, as well as a few other concentrated chemicals that can burn up fragile roots. Guard Dog protectant isolates the ammonia, binds the salts and helps increase your soil's permeability. By nuetralizing the harmful components of dog urine, this spray helps roots recover.

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You can spray this treatment on your grass before OR after damage occurs. Pre-treating the lawn will protect roots even if your dog suddenly decides to "adopt" a new area of the yard. Of course, the spray can also be used on damaged areas to help plants recover.

Each order includes one 32 oz. bottle and is ready to use without mixing.

If you are looking to treat a large area, you should use the Concentrated Dog Urine Grass Protectant.

This dog urine grass protector works as a spot treatment to cure already damaged grass. Simply spray this ready to use mix on the damaged areas until it is wet and the grass with repair itself in a short time.

If your lawn has spots larger than eight inches in diameter, it will take longer to fill in with healthier grass depending on the type of grass and growth rate. If you need to reseed your lawn, you can do so immediately after the application of this dog urine grass protector.

This product is safe for children, pets and your lawn and is made in the USA with organic compounds and non-pathogenic bacteria. We also offer this in a 1 gallon concentrated size.
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