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Ladybugs (The Ladybird Beetle Hippodamia convergens)

Regular Price: $39.99


These are live insects, and in order to increase survival rate during transit, they are required to be shipped Overnight, which adds on an additional $25 to $32 to the total. Orders are shipped within 4 to 6 business days from the order date.

Ladybugs, as they are called by the masses, are mean little buggers. They don't have long, curly eyelashes or wear bows because they are voracious predators even in their cute red/orange, black-spotted outfits. Ladybugs are now a symbol of biocontrol and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Although they tend to be flighty even if released properly, the Ladybugs that stick around will be diligent to chow down on their favorites: aphids, highly problematic creatures. Ladybug beetles also enjoy mites, insect eggs, etc.

Ladybugs can be very cost-effective and are a natural way to rid your lawn and garden of unwanted pests.

Each order will contain approx. 4500 (adults)

Ladybug Information:
  • Popular prey: aphids, mites and insect eggs
  • Life-span: 28 days in their immature stages, then around 11 months as adults
  • Optimal living conditions: 66-88°F with a relative humidity of 40% or greater
  • Usages: can be used just about everywhere, very versatile
  • Can be refrigerator stored up to 3 months!

  • Please note - there may be several days delay before these insects are shipped because it can take a few days to wrangle up the healthiest possible specimens. When they are shipped, they will be shipped overnight to minimize deaths in transit. The shipping label will show that they were sent as quickly as possible.
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