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Glittering Greensand Soil Amendment 8 lb

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Every time that lawn clippings or leaves are taken away to the landfill, the ground looses nutrients that can be difficult to replace. These nutrients are responsible for bright colors in flowers, intense flavors in vegetables, and they play a part in creating strong immune systems in various plants. If your soil has been depleted, this organic soil amendment is a great way to restore the natural balance.

Add a touch of green to your yard with Glittering Greensand. This soil amendment contains many of the trace elements and minerals that are missing from exhausted soil. It's made with ground sedimentary rocks that are rich in fixed organic material. There are more than 30 trace minerals and nutrients in greensand, with high concentrations of Iron (Fe), Potassium (K), Silicon (Si), Oxygen (O), Magnesium (Mg), Aluminum (Al), Sodium (Na), and Hydrogen (H). These minerals release slowly into the soil in just the proportions that plants need.

How do minerals get from sand into plants?
It may seem counter intuitive to add sandy fertilizer to plants that are lacking minerals. But this fertilizer takes advantage of organic acids in the ground to release minerals that are otherwise insoluble. As dead leaves and yard trimmings decompose, they release humic acids. More acids, such as malic acid, citric acid, and acetic acid are produced during the lifecycle of soil bacteria. All of these acids accumulate in soil unless there are soil components that neutralize them. Greensand fertilizer does exactly that. It captures these weak acids in the process of releasing potash, phosphate, and more than 30 other micronutrients.

The slow release of potash and phosphate is preferable because excessive levels of these nutrients can damage the roots of plants. Glittering Green Sand Fertilizer does not burn plants and the natural fertilizer improves the moisture holding properties of soil. Greensand has the consistency of sand but is able to absorb 10 times more moisture than beach sand. That makes it a good amendment for use with many different soil types. It also conditions the soil, loosening up compacted dirt and encouraging airflow for healthy roots and soil bacteria.

Lady Bug Glittering Greensand flows easily and can be applied through any type of spreader. One way to add the fertilizer to the soil is to pour it in sinkholes or aeration holes. It will work its way through cracks in the ground and help prevent further settling. Ladybug Glittering Greensand can hold roughly one third its weight in water and will help hold together loose soils.

When to use Greensand
The best time to add amendments to the soil is late fall and early spring. That gives them time to blend into the soil. The dark color of Lady Bug Greensand Organic Fertilizer can be an asset at that time of year. The fertilizer helps warm up the ground in early spring by absorbing sunlight. The dark green color converts solar energy into heat and can help with early planting. It also helps the ground hold more heat due to the higher moisture content. As summer arrives, the higher moisture content of the soil also prevents root damage from excessive heat. More moisture means more cooling through evaporation.

Where does Lady Bug Greensand come from?
This fertilizer is produced from deposits of all natural Texas Glauconite. Glauconite is a sedimentary rock that was laid down millions of years ago when Texas was covered by a shallow sea. This sediment was formed when Texas was covered by a shallow ocean. As algae, fish, and shellfish died, their bodies sank to the bottom of the ocean and were compressed into greensand. Greensand is named for its olive-green color and its sandy texture.

Guaranteed Analysis
  • Soluble Potash (K20): 1.0%
  • Iron (Fe): 6.0%
  • Application rate: 2-5 lbs per 100 square feet

  • This soil supplement is rich in Iron and Potassium. We recommend testing your soil through the local extension office and only using Greensand in areas will substandard levels of both Iron and Potassium.
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