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How to Install the Garden Watersaver Downspout Attachment

The above video was made to show how to install the Garden Watersaver Downspout Attachment on your home. It in an excellent tool to have around the house, and can help with rainwater collection and conservation.

There are a few steps required, which this video will take you through. Installing the garden watersaver will typically take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to install. The garden watersaver downspout attachment fits the standard 2" x 3" downspout.

Some important tips/facts for the garden watersaver downspout attachment:

1). Disconnect your downspout. Use a flathead or phillips screwdriver to unattach your screws.

2). Make a notch cut in your downspout so the water saver can slide in. The instructions recommend a 3 inch long by 1 3/4 inch wide rectangle. Use a marker to outline your cuts. Grab some tin snips, and then make your cuts.

3). Cut the tongue off after the notch has been cut and bend the remainder back underneath the remainder of the downspout.

4). Make up to a 1/2 inch radial cut to the side of the downspout to help the garden watersaver fit in better (see video).

5). Set the garden watersaver inside the downspout and then attach the downspout to your wall - you may have to move your straps over, if this is so, just move them over a half inch or so and then reattach them to the wall.

6). Next you must attach the hose. Simply connect the hose to the watersaver and then attach the hose to your rain barrel. If your rain barrel has an inlet attach it to that. If there is no inlet, you can drop the hose into the rain barrel.

It's that easy. Please watch the video to see how to make the cuts properly.

The garden watersaver downspout attachment goes great with any of our Rain Barrels.