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Indoor Pharm Organic Insecticidal Soap for House Plants

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This organic insecticide is soap based and USDA approved, so it is safe and effective to use to control pests on houseplants and other indoor plants.

Comes in a 35 fluid oz bottle that is ready to spray with no additional attachments.

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Potassium bicarbonate, pleasant smelling Vanillin oil, and food grade oils are the active ingredients in our Indoor Pharm natural insecticide. Indoor Pharm also contains pure, natural almond oil.

The food grade oils in this great product drown critters like thrips, mealy bugs, fungus gnats, and other common insect pests that attack houseplants. The potassium bicarbonate helps control problems like mildews, scale, and common fungal diseases. It works as an indoor plant insecticide.

This glycerin-based organic insecticide soap does not use the soap as the active ingredient, but rather as a carrier for the pure, essential oils and potassium bicarbonate that keep your plants pest and disease free.

The ingredients of this product are USDA approved.

The essential oils found in this product have been deregulated by the EPA because they have been deemed safe for use as natural insecticides. Additionally, cottonseed oil acts as a miticide and a non-GMO canola oil works as the carrier for the potassium bicarbonate. According to a study by Cornell University, the canola oil also helps to improve the effectiveness of the potassium bicarbonate.

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You can use this natural insecticide with confidence on indoor herb planters, edibles, fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. You can even use it before harvest day.
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Indoor Pharm Organic Insecticidal Soap for House Plants