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Compact Fluorescent Indoor Flood Light

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Unfortunately, this product is no longer available. Be sure to take a look at our section of LED and compact fluorescent lighting for available styles.

A compact fluorescent bulb is a perfect choice for an indoor flood light that you typically leave burning for hours at a time, because that's when you'll see the HUGE energy savings.

At just 30 watts, this compact fluorescent indoor spot light bulb gives just as much light (1650 lumens), but uses only 25 percent of the energy as a 120 watt incandescent indoor spot light that it can replace.

Those savings add up fast! If you use the bulb just an average of four hours per day, it should pay for itself in six months.

Even better, it is rated to last approximately 8,000 hours, so you won't have to change it for a long, long time. This is a HUGE ADVANTAGE if you have your indoor spots on a high ceiling where it is hard to change bulbs, but it's still one less thing you have to do even if you have low ceilings.

An incandescent light typically only lasts around 1,000 hours, so that's seven extra bulbs you won't have to buy, replace, and throw in the landfill.

This bulb is not designed to be used with photocells, dimmers or motion controlled switches. But it is perfect for a typical indoor spot situation, where you just manually turn the lights on and off.

Calculate how much you can save compared to a standard 120 watt incandescent indoor spotlight on this page.

Think how much you could save if you switched out ALL of your indoor spots? (I switched out more than 10 at my own house!)
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