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Upside Down Hanging Sky Planter

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This hanging sky planter really takes gardening innovation to the next level - and in a styish fashion! If you're pressed for space in your uptown loft, or really just want to add some pizazz and flare to a room in your house, then this hanging planter is for you.

This suspended planter allows you to save floor space by turning your plants upside down. There's no special secret to it - the planter uses normal potting soil. Best of all, since it's upside down and because of where the reservoir is located, you are watering directly to the roots of the plant and therefore may have to water less than normal. An added bonus of this is that it will help you conserve water. Still, you should remember that different types of plants have different individual needs - so pay attention to your plant.

Contents of this hanging sky planter include a planter body, a reservoir, a locking disk (for where the plant will poke through to prevent any soil spillage), a ceiling hook, and a plastic anchor plug. For an additional $10, a ceiling extension wire is also available to adjust the height which your plant will hang.

Assembly of the sky planter is simple - unpack it from the box, fill the planter about half way with potting mix or soil, insert the plant into the soil, place the locking disk in the base, and then invert the planter and hang from the ceiling hook. That's really all there is to it!

Such a planter will provide a beautiful new aesthetic to your home, and will help you save watering time, floor space, and will allow you to add quality to your air (through plants - the natural air purifier). There are no negatives to this planter - it's contemporary style and superior functionality are a must for your home.

The planter measures 6 3/4" in diameter at the widest opening. It is 7 1/2" in length.

One planter per order. While some of the images may show multiple planters, there is only one planter per order.

Instructions included with both planter and extension wire.
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