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Bokashi Indoor ComposterBokashi Indoor Composter

Bokashi Indoor Composter

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Turn kitchen scraps into compost without the need for an outdoor composter or compost pile. This air tight compost bin is odor free, self contained, fast acting, and easy to store. It can handle a wide variety of scraps (including meat) and even produces compost tea.

This kitchen composter works differently from other composters. Instead of requiring lots of space and fresh air, it only requires an undisturbed location. There's no need for labor intensive turning or tumbling. The lid forms an airtight seal, just like plastic food containers. This prevents unwanted oxygen from entering the system.

The Indoor Composter is fuelled by a mix of potent anaerobic microbes called Bokashi. Bokashi is made up of natural bran and molasses that has been treated with dormant microbes. When moisture is added to Bokashi, the bacteria wake up and start eating whatever they can find.

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Blending Bokashi with food scraps will quickly break down potato peels, apple cores, fat trimmings, and other waste. Microbes in the mix will release nutrients in just the right form and balance, producing a powerful natural fertilizer.

To make sure that your Bokashi Indoor Composter has the right microbes, each order includes a bag of Bokashi Starter. This is a blend of molasses, bran, and other organisms that make up bokashi. During setup, the bottom of the composter should be lined with a layer of Bokashi. This will feed your composter and introduces helpful microbes that will quickly break food scraps down into fertilizer.

Bokashi Indoor Composter Technical Details

  • Capacity: 4.75 gallons
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 15 inches (18 with handle raised)
  • Width: 13 inches
  • Depth: 10.25 inches
  • Weight (unloaded): 2.5 lbs
  • 100% Recycled plastic
  • Features: Snap tight lid, carrying handle, scoop for Bokashi, moisture sieve, drainage valve
  • Includes 600 grams of Bokashi

  • Indoor Composter Recycled content

    The lid contains 12 percent recycled polypropylene plastic, and the body of the composter is 85 percent recycled polypropylene. This plastic is made inert by the recycling process, and will not leech any chemicals that accumulate in soil. The finished compost (humus) will be chemical free unless long lasting chemicals were on the food scraps.

    Bokashi Indoor Compost Bin Design Features

    This composter is engineered to filter out excess moisture. There's a sieve built into the bottom that separates food scraps from liquid. Excessive moisture can prevent microbes from doing their work, so it's important to drain the liquid out every 2-3 weeks. Don't throw the moisture way - compost tea is a great soil amendment that can help houseplants, landscape plants, and trees grow stronger roots.

    There's also a valve at the bottom of the compost unit. Put a watering can under the valve, and you can collect the Compost Tea for use on house plants or treating dead patches in your yard. Compost Tea is rich in helpful microbes, and it can be used to boost nutrient cycling in soil. Compost Tea complements other fertilizers and can rejuvenate areas that have been accidentally sterilized with chemicals, cold weather, or dehydration.

    This 4.75 gallon compost bin is small enough to fit in your kitchen cabinet or underneath the sink. It is shorter and broader than other models, which means it will fit in cabinets where the larger, more spacious Happy Farmer Kitchen Composter might be a tight squeeze.

    After the compost bin fills up, it will take 3-12 months for the contents to be completely converted (different food scraps break down at different speeds). A full composter should be left alone - every time the lid is opened, oxygen and fresh bacteria can get into the bin and interfere with the bokashi.

    Why does this composter use anaerobic microbes?

    Anaerobic microbes can work in an airtight setting, which is a great way to control odor and avoid problems with rodents or bugs. In general, outdoor composters try to avoid anaerobic situations because it can cause odors. With this Indoor Composter, the helpful microbes in the Bokashi overwhelm pathogens and produce healthy fertilizer, and the container is sealed and airtight anyway.

    For the best results composting with bokashi indoors:

    Bokashi works best at slightly elevated temperatures (80-100 degrees Fahrenheit). UV light, extreme heat, or cold can kill the microbes, so the compost bin and bag of unused Bokashi should be kept in a climate controlled area.

    Tear or dice up ingredients before putting them in the composter for fastest results. The more surface area each piece has, the faster it will break down.

    When your Bokashi composter fills up, it's important to have a plan for additional kitchen scraps. Unlike aerobic composters, the contents of this unit will not settle and contract. To continue composting, you may want to have a second bin ready to use. The original bin will need several weeks or months of uninterrupted time to break down all of the rubbish inside.

    If you have yard space to work with, the fastest composting results can be achieved by using this composter as a pre-treatment for vermicomposting or trench composting. One month in the composter, followed by one to three months in the soil will convert most waste into soil (some ingredients will take longer, such as pistachio shells, peach pits, and bone from steaks).

    Upon removal from the composter, some food scraps will look surprisingly preserved. Don't worry - the composter is working as it should. Every microscopic pore of those food scraps will be filled with bacteria that are reducing it to a sponge like texture. When you bury the scraps in your yard, they will break down quickly and attract helpful earthworms to aerate the soil.

    The bag of Bokashi bran enclosed with this composter will last for 3-6 weeks, and then you'll need additional Bokashi. Save on shipping - add additional bags of Bokashi to your order today.
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