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Easy Hydroponic Growing KitEasy Hydroponic Growing Kit

Easy Hydroponic Growing Kit

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This planter has been discontinued.

This is one of our many great patio gardening products.

Growing plants hydroponically is easy and mess-free, and with this hydroponic growing kit, it makes it even easier.

Anyone interested in growing plants and vegetables using a hydroponic system can get started right away with this simple starter kit. One of the advantages of growing vegetables hydroponically is that you have control over the conditions and components. You never have to guess if the soil conditions are right for your plant because there is no soil. Only a growing medium and water.

The growing mediums included in this hydroponic kit are leca stones and grow cubes. Leca stones are made from 100% natural clay, are pH neutral, provide excellent drainage, keep the roots of plants oxygenated and can be sterilized to be used again. Grow cubes are made from 100% natural rock. They are light weight, help maintain proper water/air ratio around the roots and don't get water logged.

This hydroponic kit includes a two-tier potting system that allows you to grow vertically using a pump and fountain that cycles water to the plants at all times.

Also included in the kit are three bottles of nutrients to help with starting the foundation of your hydroponic system, maintain lots of growth and get flowering growth as well. (Instructions are included on when to use these beneficial nutrients with your hydroponic system.)

One of the key benefits of growing vegetables hydroponically is that because there is no soil, there are no soil borne pests. Another important benefit is that you can continuously provide your plant roots with the nutrients it needs as well as irrigate at the same time. As opposed to soil, which can become compacted and dry, the growing medium in hydroponics allows the plant roots to grow and flourish as they need.

Easy Hydroponic Growing Kit includes:
  • 2-Tier potting system
  • Leca stones (10 liter bag)
  • Grow cubes (1/3 cubic feet bag)
  • Nutrient starter pack (three 8 oz. bottles)
  • Fountain, submersible pump and tubing
  • Illustrated instructions
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