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Humane Mouse Trap

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Product Description

Remember that fun game called Mouse Trap? This humane mouse trap isn't at all like that game, but it is similar in that it's a fun way to catch mice without killing them. The humane mouse trap looks like a big, tasty piece of cheese that you attach to any regular plastic bottle. With a hole in the front of the cheese that leads into the bottle, you can entice mice into the bottle (they prefer peanut butter, surprisingly). There is a spring and ball that act as an access gate into bottle that keep the mouse from escaping once it's safely inside. The plastic bottle is not included, however, this mouse trap easily attaches to 12 oz., 16 oz., 1 liter and even 2 liter bottles. Once you've caught your mouse (or even multiple mice) in the bottle, simply take the bottle to where you want to release the critters and rotate the trap upside down to allow them to leave peacefully. You can also remove the cheese top. This mouse trap is a convenient, touch-free way to catch mice without harmful poisons and release them back into the wild. Since it contains no poisons, it also doesn't release toxic chemicals or cause indoor air pollution. Humane mouse trap features:
  • Nature friendly
  • Poison and toxin free
  • Humane to mice
  • Easy to use without coming in contact with mice
  • This mouse trap is ideal for hard-to-see spots in the kitchen, attic, garage, barn and anywhere else mice like to play.

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