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How to Grow Garlic

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Garlic is very easy to grow and it helps protect your roses against the red spider and other pests. And if you don't want to buy your cloves from a nursery, you can go to your local supermarket. Use the biggest cloves, since they'll produce bigger bulbs. Garlic likes fertile soil and full sun, though it can survive in some shade. Garlic does not like packed soil, nor do cloves like to be planted near each other. Plant individual garlic cloves (not garlic heads) with the pointed end up after the first frost. The garlic clove should be inserted about 2 inches deep and 1 foot apart. If you live in a colder climate, you should plant your garlic about four inches deep in the fall. You should also mulch your soil with hay or leaves in order to protect the cloves. When the flower stalks appear, cut them off; otherwise you won't get many garlic cloves. When the leaves begin to turn brown and yellow (about midsummer), you can uproot your garlic. Store it at room temperature and mince it to enjoy with your proscuitto bread! Read tips about growing garlic and other herbs at our herbs and vegetables pages.
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