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For The Home

We also carry a huge selection of garden accessories to make your garden a more beautiful space, too.

Whether they are eco-friendly or not, home accessories are what make your space your own. All of the products in this section are for the home in some form or fashion.

We even carry eco-friendly products your pets will enjoy!

There are several sub-sections of home products at the very top of the page with individual home products below. Take a look and find something fantastic for your home today!
Ironing Boards
Live green by doing your laundry at home. See our selection of ironing boards and other ironing products, and make your laundry ecofriendly.
Eco Pet Supplies
Pets will love these eco friendly pet supplies, from snuggly beds to fun toys!
Outdoor Clothes Dryers
Conserve energy and money by drying your clothes the outdoors and keep them smelling fresh.
Door Knockers
Front doors make a first impression. Improve your home with a high quality door knocker.
Step Stools
Shower Heads
Save water and cut your power bill with these top quality showerheads that also happen to use less water.
Eco Body Products
Natural, organic and safe-for-the-environment products don't just have to be for your garden!
Snow Throwers
These snow throwers are a good solution when you need to clear an area that is too large to realistically use a regular snow shovel.
Bird Feeders
You don't have to buy hiking boots to go birding. With these feeders and shelters you can attract wildlife right into your own yard.
Compost Pails
These cute little pails make trips to the compost bin easy and on your terms. No smell. No fuss. They make perfect gifts, too.
Home Recycling Products
Make recycling at home easy and convenient with these home recycling products.
LED and Compact Fluorescent Lighting
Save money and grow better plants indoors with compact fluorescent and LED lighting.
Energy Star Products
We are proud to offer this series of Energy Star certified products for your home.
Address Plaques and House Numbers
Address plaques are a simple and affordable way to update the look of your home.
From the traditional rooster to a tropical pineapple, we've got the best weathervanes for any home!
Humio Humidifier with Aromatic Oil Compartment and Night Light
Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $89.95
A cool mist humidifier combined with an energy-efficient LED night light.
Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine
Price: $49.99
A small, hand powered washing machine. Perfect for RVs, vacation cabins, dorm rooms and apartments!
Countertop Spin Dryer
Price: $84.99
This portable spinning clothes dryer dries clothes in as little as a 2 minute cycle.
Nina Soft Spin Portable Counter Top Clothes Dryer
Price: $179.99
All Natural Odor Remover
Price: $14.99
This mineral will neutralize the smells of garbage, spoiled food, pets, and more instead of simply hiding the smell behind harmful chemicals.
Water Conservation Kit
Price: $21.99
Water conservation throughout the home has never been easier.
Collapsible Clothesline
Price: $49.99
This clothesline is contained in an aluminum case. It collapses flat against a wall or fenceline and expands out to provide 28 feet of drying space.
Drip It Frog Houseplant Waterer
Price: $12.99
During your vacation time, the Drip-it frog waters your plants automatically for two weeks.
Arch Address Marker
Price: $84.99
Add a custom address sign to your home.
Oval Metal Family Name and Address Plaque
Price: $84.99
Light Up Address Plaque
Price: $124.99
Prescription Drug Pill Terminator Disposal System
Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Cast Aluminum Backyard Dragonfly Sundial
Price: $59.99
Made of cast aluminum, so it's durable and rust free.
Copper Rooster Weather Vane
Price: $270.99
Sale Price: $249.00
A classic copper weather vane.
Decorative Garden Thermometer
Price: $51.99
Sale Price: $39.99
Antique Copper Locking Wall Mailbox
Price: $219.99
Sale Price: $159.99
A fine wall mounted mailbox made of solid brass and stainless steel, in an attractive antique copper color.
Copper Tub with Iron Stand
Price: $169.99
Corner Shelf  Plant Stand Wrought Iron by Achla
Price: $229.99
A powdercoated black metal plant stand that also folds flat for easy storage when you aren't using it.
Full Spectrum Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $11.50
Full spectrum means that it has a color range that is more similar to an incandescent bulb than most other compact fluorescent lights.
HET Dual Flush Watersense Caroma Toilet
Price: $389.99
An HET dual flush toilet that meets the new EPA Watersense standard for water conservation. Even better, it flushes great!
1.5 GPM Low Flow Shower Head
Price: $27.95
The best 1.5 GPM showerhead you'll find anywhere. Looks great, works great, saves water and energy, and doesn't clog.
Oxygenics Handheld Shower Head
Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $44.99
Works as a standard shower head, or pulls down to use as a hand held. Provides a terrific shower, and great for rinsing with kids, pets, or long hair.
Illuminator Solar Address Lamp
Price: $39.99
Mold Detector
Price: $34.99
Control mold by monitoring moisture levels throughout the house.
Recycled Tire Swing
Price: $87.99
Breaking in a Maverick pony can be hard work, but these recycled tire swings are ready to ride today!
Touchless Recycle Bin and Trash Can
Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $119.99
Keep your recycling and trash separate but still in one bin with a lid that opens and closes automatically.
Energy & Water Saving Shower Valve
Price: $29.99
Save water, save electricity, and save time with this heat sensitive shower valve. Works with your existing showerhead.
Mini Car Air Purifier
Price: $29.99
Purify the air in your car while you drive with a small but powerful Nano Breeze air purifier.
Organic Bamboo Salad Bowl
Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
This carved-by-hand bamboo salad bowl adds a unique touch to any meal.
White Noise Sound Machine
Price: $46.99
Easily mask unwanted noises with white noise to help with concentration, relaxation, privacy and other bothersome noises.
Reusable Plant Tags
Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $16.49
Perfect for the absent minded gardener - these labels can help you keep track of what's growing in your garden
Nova Plus 500 Rotary Clothes Line Dryer
Price: $189.99
This clothes line dryer has plenty of room and rotates easily for convenience.
Samba Ceiling Mounted Clothes Dryer
Price: $229.99
Sale Price: $199.99
This clothes line dryer has a total of 62 feet of high tension twaron clothes line.
Umbrella Clothes Dryer
Price: $69.99
4-armed clothesline that folds up to conserve space
Double Retractable Clothesline
Price: $24.99
Includes 2 separate reels with a total of 98 feet of drying space.
3 Tier Laundry Drying Rack
Price: $49.99
This adjustable clothes rack offers 49 feet of drying space.
Septic Tank Booster
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $13.99
Reduces the cost of septic cleaning by reducing the frequency, without using chemicals.
All Natural Odor Remover
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $15.99
Eliminates harmful gasses and odor using enzyme activated microbes.
Bio Enzyme Grease Trap Cleaner
Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
Keep grease traps running efficiently and odor free without using chemicals.
Aluminum Can Crusher / Container
Price: $139.99
Sale Price: $117.90
Crushing and collecting aluminum cans isn't really composting, but it is an important part of recycling and reuse of resources.
Ant Proof Tray for Pet Food Bowls
Price: $29.99
This pet food tray blocks ants from getting in your pets food. Also works for trash cans and other items you want to keep ants away from as well!
Toilet Leak Alert System
Price: $19.99
This toilet leak detector picks up abnormal vibrations in your flushing mechanisms, letting you know when there's a leak immediately.
Insulated Attic Door Cover
Price: $189.00
With the Insulated Attic Door Cover, you can save up to 20% on your electric bill!
Telescoping Grabber Pick Up & Reaching Tool
Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $29.99
Never stress about picking up anything up high, down low, or in hard to reach places again.
Dryer Vent Cleaning System
Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $31.99
Speed up drying time and help prevent dryer fires with this dryer vent cleaning system.
12 ft Extension for Dryer Vent Cleaning System
Price: $14.99
An extension kit for the dryer vent cleaning system to add additional length for cleaning vents longer than 12 feet.
Advanced LED Counter Top Grow Light
Price: $299.99
Grow favorite vegetables, flowers and herbs right on the kitchen counter with this LED grow kit.
Advanced LED Hanging Grow Light
Price: $249.99
An easy-to-use LED grow light that can be hung anywhere.
Bird Window Decals - Window Alert
Price: $6.95
Prevent birds from hitting windows around your home or your car with this bird window decals.
Allens Spring Pooper Scooper by Four Paws
Price: $16.19
This spring activated poop scoop allows for an easy, one handed job.
Allens Super Pooper Scooper by Four Paws
Price: $17.89
A tough, spring activated poop scoop for dogs over 50 pounds.
Four Paws Scoop and Rake with Handle  Poop Scoop
Price: $14.99
These two handed pooper scoopers are rake style poop scoops that pick up in grass wonderfully.
Pet Pooper Scooper For Grass  Four Paws
Price: $11.99
This poop scoop has a rake design that moves easily through grass, dirt, or sand.
Sleep Mate Dual Speed White Noise Machine
Price: $54.99
Get a better night's sleep and more focused work hours with a dual speed white noise machine.
Bed Bug Active Alert Monitor
Price: $18.99
Actively attracts and traps bed bugs without any harmful toxins or chemicals.
Refill 2 pack - Bed Bug Active Alert Monitor
Price: $5.99
Refill packs for the Bed Bug Active Alert Monitor.
1 Year Passive Bed Bug Monitor
Price: $14.99
Monitor the possible presence of bed bugs for up to one year.
Eco Friendly House Plan
Price: $1,895.00
Building a new house doesn't have to be bad for the environment.
Kik-Step Library Rolling Step Stool
Price: $67.99
Rolling library step stool that holds up to 500 pounds. More color options.
Pineapple Welcome 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
A customizable pineapple crock makes a great gift for friends and family.
American Heritage Flag 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Show your American spirit with this personalized crock.
Holiday Holly 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Pine Bough Established 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Pine Bough Address 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Oak Branch Established 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Oak Branch Address 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Rose Stem Established 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Rose Stem Address 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Dogwood Branch Established 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99
Dogwood Branch Address 2 Gallon Crock
Price: $61.99