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For The Home
These eco friendly home products make a great addition to your house.
Decorative Outdoor Thermometers
Our large outdoor thermometer selection offers you a stylish way to tell the temperature outside while choosing your wardrobe. Choose from several different patterns and designs to buy online.
Garage Storage Solutions
Keep your garage neat and organized and maximize space with this terrific storage system.
Eco Pet Supplies
Pets will love these eco friendly pet supplies, from snuggly beds to fun toys!
Shower Heads
Save water and cut your power bill with these top quality showerheads that also happen to use less water.
Bird Feeders
You don't have to buy hiking boots to go birding. With these feeders and shelters you can attract wildlife right into your own yard.
Backyard Chicken Coops
Chicken coops are perfect for backyard chicken farmers.
Ironing Boards
Live green by doing your laundry at home. See our selection of ironing boards and other ironing products, and make your laundry ecofriendly.
Door Knockers
Front doors make a first impression. Improve your home with a high quality door knocker.
Rain Chains
A functional and beautiful way to capture rain water, rain chains look great on any home.