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Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit

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Greenhouse Size for 3.5mm panels:

Greenhouse Size for 5mm panels:

Tie Down Kit (4 anchors) Part # HN-10:


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The Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit is a designed with a flat side to easily fit against a gardening shed, house, or deck. The flat side of the greenhouse has a double-tier shelf frame and single shelf frame on arced side, creating 60 square feet of bench area for the 8' kit. Single bench area works well as a gardening station. Two hanging rods create an additional 15 linear feet of hanging space. A 6'6" by 36" door allows access into greenhouse. That's large enough for most garden carts and wheelbarrows.

No site preparation, other than level ground, is needed for freestanding Solexx greenhouses. Adding a gravel floor can assist with drainage during watering, but is not a must. The louvered air vent maintains proper air circulation.

Check out this Large Solexx Greenhouse Kit, if you're looking for a bigger greenhouse.

Options for Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit

Greenhouse Panels: Greenhouse panels are available in two thickness options of 3.5mm or 5mm. The 5mm option will provide a more insulation for cooler climates.

Tie Down Kit: The tie down kit will secure the greenhouse in strong winds. This kit with 4 anchors is an option, but we highly suggest securing the greenhouse. The greenhouse itself is can withstand high winds, but since it is a freestanding greenhouse it should be secured to the ground.

Greenhouse Size: Available in four sizes.
  • 8' Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit measures 8'W x 8'L x 8'H
  • 12' Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit measures 8'W x 12'L x 8'H
  • 16' Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit measures 8'W x 16'L x 8'H
  • 24' Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit measures 8'W x 24'L x 8'H

  • Benefits of the Solexx Greenhouse Panels

    The twin-wall covering is made from 3.5 or 5 mm high-density polyethylene, making it durable and flexible. The panels are not clear. But, have a corrugated design to diffuse light, creating indirect light dispersed evenly throughout the greenhouse. The Solexx covering allows 70-75 percent of available light to the plants, even on cloudy days. Plants require 40 percent light, but do the best growing in 70-80 percent of available light. The Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit panels create the optimal lighting condition for growing plants.

    Within the greenhouse, there is not any shade and plants will not sunburn in hot spots. The twin-wall panel will not yellow, mildew, or mold. Strong frame and flexible panels can handle winds and snow. Even a baseball or rocks thrown from a mower will bounce off and not break like glass or polycarbonate panels.

    Harvester Solexx Greenhouse Kit Product Details:
  • Measures: See size list above.
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty
  • Material: Twin-wall covering (3.5 mm or 5 mm option) and strong composite frame. White frame reflects light within greenhouse. PVC and steel fittings.
  • Greenhouse Kit Includes: Easily to assemble fittings, twin-wall greenhouse covering panels, louver for venting system, 2 full-length hanging rods, and one double-tiered and one single bench frames.
  • Assembly: Greenhouse kit comes with detailed directions for assembly. Have these tools available: screwdriver, drill, utility knife, tape measure, silicon caulk and caulking gun, and clear PVC glue. Solexx greenhouse kits are designed to assemble easily and quickly.
  • Shipping: Free standard ground shipping for this item in the 48 contiguous United States!
  • Options: Don't forget to select the options for this greenhouse, including the Tie Down Kit. In the drop down menu, select the size greenhouse you would like under the 3.5mm or 5mm panels.
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