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HET Dual Flush Watersense Caroma Toilet

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What is a dual flush toilet? Itís a toilet that gives you the choice of a BIG flush or a small flush, depending on how much flushing power you need. We probably don't need to explain the circumstances that dictate one type of flush versus the other -- we'll just say solid versus liquid and leave it at that. You choose which flush you want by using a separate button.

Both flushing options with this toilet use less water than a standard new toilet that uses 1.8 gallons with every flush. Even the big flush uses just 1.6 gallons. That means you'll see reductions in water consumption of 50 percent to 75 percent!

This dual flush toilet has two buttons on it. You can choose a small .8 gallon flush, or a regular 1.6 gallon flush. This dual flush design means that the toilet meets the new EPA Watersense standard for High Efficiency Toilets.

HET Watersense toilets are a good way to achieve green building points if you are trying to achieve LEED green building certification.

But aside from the environmental advantages, this Caroma dual flush toilet is great if you just want a high quality toilet that flushes well and doesn't stop up easily. You can put this toilet up against any standard toilet and be thrilled with the flushing power results. All this while you are saving water, cutting down on your water and sewer bills.

We think these toilets are so great that we have them installed in all the bathrooms at our Clean Air Gardening building.

The flushing action is different than standard US toilets, and that is why it can do so well while using less water.

Rather than relying on gravity suction, the Caravelle 270 uses a "wash down" style of flushing. A wash down system evenly rinses the inside of the bowl to get better cleaning action with less water. As a bonus, the toilet makes less noise. Less water means lower volume, and the tank also uses a very quiet inlet valve to refill.

Caroma is an Australian company that has been making high efficiency dual flush toilets for decades. Australia is an arid continent, so water conservation is extremely important there.

Caroma has been making these toilets for years, and they work great. They are almost impossible to clog under regular use. Unlike most American toilets that have a small 2 inch trapway, Caroma toilets have an enormous 4 inch trapway.

The toilet bowl has been designed with rough in of anywhere from 10 inches to 12 inches. It has an adjustable connector that lets you put it where you need it, and gives you a lot of options to install it just where you want it to go.

Thereís also an adjustable connector that lets you put the toilet where you need it, and gives you a lot of precise installation options. The small retaining bolts are located out of the way at the rear of the toilet, which makes them less likely to catch on feet, clothing, or mobility devices.

Caroma Dual Flush Caravelle 270 Toilet Advantages:

  • Meets newest EPA Watersense / High Efficiency Toilet standards!
  • 4 inch trapway means outstanding flushing power
  • Works with 10 inch or 12 inch rough in

  • Toilet Details

  • Comes in white
  • PDF toilet measurement details
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