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Grub Beater Insect Control

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Don't let Grubs and other insects grub on your precious plants. You can control White Grub, Chinch Bug, Sed Webworm, Mole Cricket, Fall army worm, Hyperode and Billbug insects from surviving in your lawn and garden with our Grub Beater Insect Control that acts as an insecticide, repellent and insect growth regulator.

This botanical insecticide concentrate comes in a bottle with a nozzle that easily attaches to a water hose and will treat approximately 2,000-4,000 sq. ft. Grub Beater can be applied 2-3 times on a 7-10 day interval to ensure control of surface and sub-surface feeding pests.

Simply screw the hose-end attachment to the hose making sure the valve switch on the nozzle is set to OFF. Then turn on the water and the valve switch on the bottle and go. When you're done, simply turn off both the valve switch and the water, then unscrew the hose.

The active ingredient in Grub Beater is Azadirachtin making up 0.09% of the total ingredients. Azadirachtin comes from Neem tree seeds. The Neem tree, native of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, and Pakistan, is known as natural source for pesticides. Uniquely, Neem products change the life-processing behaviors of insects so they can no longer feed, breed or undergo metamorphosis.

This insecticide should not be used on the Hibiscus flower because it is known as a sensitive plant.

Product Details:
  • 32 Oz. bottle
  • Ready-to-spray concentrate
  • Easily attaches to water hose
  • Disrupts insects' hormonal balance so it dies before it molts to the next life stage
  • Acts as in insecticide, repellent and growth regulator
  • Contains Neem tree product Azadirachtin (0.09%)
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