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Extendable Tomato Grow PoleExtendable Tomato Grow Pole

Extendable Tomato Grow Pole

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  • From tomatoes to all sorts of other vegetables and fruits, we've got plenty of garden planters.

    Each order comes with two extendable tomato grow poles.

    This extendable tomato grow pole can help ensure rich, ripe tomatoes for each growing season. The main function of the grow pole is to hold your plants up. It works much like a tomato cage - but you don't have to worry about bent stakes and a messy aesthetic. The grow pole will help your plants stay straight, and will grow with them from 2 to 5 feet!

    As the plants grow, you want to loosely tie them to the stake - somewhere around every foot or so. To keep up with the varying height adjustments, you can physically extend the pole as the plant grows. The non-slip notches help keep the pole and the plant ties secure, so you don't have to worry about it being subject to the weight of your fruit. The grow pole adjusts in 5" increments until it reaches a max height of 5 feet (60 inches).

    In addition to these great features, the base of the pole is staked to add extra stability and to install easily in the soil. It's a durable, quality product that will aid in your tomato growth.

    The grow pole doesn't just have to be used for tomatoes. It can be used for growing other vegetables as well, including peppers, berries, and other plants that grow tall.

    Additional Tomato Grow Pole Features:

  • No-slip notches keep plant ties secure
  • Staked end adds stability and makes installation easy
  • Adjusts in 5" increments from 2 feet to 5 feet
  • Literally grows with your plants
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Durable and will last for years
  • Washable and compact
  • Stores easily in the off-season
  • Can be used for tomatoes or other tall growing plants as well
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