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  • Interested in growing things indoors, but never wanted to mess with the expense and hassle of grow lights? Traditional grow lights generate lots of heat and use enormous amounts of electricity, raising your monthly electric bill by noticable amounts.

    But now there is a simpler solution for indoor growing. LED technology! These LED grow lights stay cool, and use only a miniscule amount of energy.

    While there is no truly "full spectrum" bulb in existence this LED grow light is the most "spectrally rich" light source on the market.

    Choose the LGMS model for leafy plants- seedling to early vegetative where compact growth is desired.

    Choose the Pro Plus bar upgrade for all plants- seedling to flowering. This model actively promotes blooming.

    An additional LED grow bar can be added with the "Add Additional Bar" option shown above, choose either the LGM550 or the LGM660 according to the grow light choice made. Each one added will include a 13” connection cable to plug into the other led grow bar. The connection cable is 13” long.

    Looking to really increase your growth? Choose the LGM660 Pro Bar Plus. All of the benefits and features of the Professional bar with a 100 percent increase in light energy. Promotes the growth and development of all photosynthesizing organisms (plants, algae, bacteria) commonly found in hobby, commercial, and scientific areas of interest. This is the highest performance, most spectraly rich plant light source in the world.

    The LED GrowMaster Ruby Pro-Grow Light lets home plant growing enthusiasts custom tailor their grow lighting environment. This low-voltage design, which mounts with a single screw, provides extended flexibility for the indoor plant grower.

    1 LGM550 model contains as many peak absorbed photons (over 80 wavelengths) as 200 watts HPS or MH...and covers up to a 1' x 3' area...drawing just 9.6 watts...costing about 2 cents per 24 hour day to operate (LGM660 runs on 7.2 watts per bar).

    What Can You Grow?

    With a single three light cluster bar, there are a couple of different options. With herbs, African violets and other high to medium light plants, you can grow as many plants as you can fit in a 12 inch by 24 inch space. The standard model should hang 12 to 14 inches from the top or sides of your plants, and the Pro model should be mounted at least 18 inches to 24 inches from the op or sides of your plants.

    But if you are growing something like lettuce, which requires lower intensity light, you can raise the grow bar to increase your coverage area and grow all the lettuce plants you can fit in a 24 inch by 36 inch space underneath the grow bar. That's a lot of fresh lettuce!

    Lower Energy Use

    Conventional grow lights consume between 100 watts and 1,000 watts of power to operate. Each LED GrowMaster Grow Light uses less-than 9.6 watts of power. This energy savings becomes more and more important as energy costs continue to rise. On average, LED Grow Master grow lights use 33-times less energy than comparable metallic vapor lights (based on 3 Ruby Gro-Bars per 400 watt MH light). Three LED Gro-Bars containing three LED lights, used 16-hours per day, at $0.10 per KilowattHour, will cost about $21 per year to operate. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that every Kilowatt of energy produces 1.5 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2). The EPA estimates that for every 7,300 lbs of CO2 prevented is equivalent to planting one acre of trees. Based on these EPA estimates, each 400 watt metallic vapor light replaced by LED GrowMaster Ruby Grow Lights will yield a savings in energy-produced CO2 equivalent to planting nearly 1/2 acre of trees per year.

    Longer Bulb Life

    Based on data published by the manufacturers of components used in the LED grow light, the expected LED Grow Master bulb life is 20,000 – 100,000 hours. This is ten to fifty times longer than typical glass grow light bulb life expectations. Replacing glass bulbs every year adds a lot to the expense of a growing system. Now you won't be changing expensive bulbs every year.

    Bar size: 2.5" wide x 22" long.
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