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Mosquito Trap Attacts, Kills Larvae

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We're sorry, but this mosquito trap is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Take a look at our section of mosquito control products.

This mosquito larvae trap lets mosquitoes lay their eggs, where they will hatch and never escape from a secondary chamber.

The first step to controlling mosquitoes is to eliminate all their breeding sites. Mosquitoes are always looking for places to lay their eggs, and they can usually find a puddle, stagnant stream, or wet blade of grass that will do the trick. If you've removed, treated, or covered all the water sources in your yard and mosquitoes are still breeding, this mosquito trap is the perfect decoy to capture their eggs.

This covered mosquito trap has two separate chambers. The top chamber looks like a perfect nesting site, with shaded water and inviting leaves. Aggressive breeders like the Asian Tiger Mosquito prefer this breeding site to other nearby sources - you can trick them into wasting their eggs in this trap. After the eggs are deposited on the surface, they will be drawn into the second chamber. There, the larvae will starve due to a lack of food and any mosquitoes that hatch will drown without being able to escape.

The second chamber allows water to drain from the top chamber, which creates a suction effect that drags mosquitoes down to a watery grave. The chamber allows some light to filter in. This light keeps mosquito pupae docile because they think that they're outside. By the time they figure out the truth, it's too late for them to escape and bite anyone.

The Mosquito Swallow trap is a low maintenance, eco-friendly alternative to other mosquito traps. It uses no chemicals or parts that wear out - the only thing it needs is water and some fallen leaves. The Mosquito Swallow also doesn't use carbon dioxide lures, so it doesn't emit any greenhouses gases or harmful chemicals.

The traps are made from 100 percent recyclable ABS plastic. Many of the parts are made in the US, and the traps are assembled in America. The eco-friendly mosquito trap is only 6 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and 17.125 inches tall. Due to its small size, the trap is barely noticeable and can be placed behind shrubs or yard benches.

A bulk discount is available for these traps. If you order packs of four, you can save more than 4 percent (and save even more with combined shipping).
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Mosquito Trap Attacts, Kills Larvae