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Trackable Traveling Garden Gnomes

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Now you can send your garden gnome across the country or around the world and track it to see where it is!

Create your own special adventure when you register your new Gnomads character at a special web site made for your gnome.

Then start your gnomes on their journeys. Give them to friends, take them with you wherever you go! It's up to you! Send them out into the world separately, or together.

Track your gnomes' adventures online through stories and pictures posted by Guardians (a Guardian is anyone who is helping your Gnomads character fulfill its adventure) to your own secure home page. It's free for one year and $3.99 thereafter.

How will I track my gnomes?

Remember, the big fun isn't just where your gnomes go, it's how they got there and what they're doing with their "Guardians." Traveling gnomes are about widening the sense of communities through interaction and communication with friends, family and new experiences. The Gnomad Nation is dependent on sharing! So for now, Gnomads are not equipped with a GPS. They are trackable when the person who receives them goes to the web site to update their location.

How do I get my gnome back home?

There's no place like home. Gnomes are adventurous travelers. But there comes a time when you have to let the ink on the passport dry for awhile and come home. That's why the web site has a way for you to "request" that your little traveler receives a ticket home and returns to you.

It's very simple. You just post your request to have your Gnomads come home on your home page. When the next "Guardian" logs onto the page, he/she will see your request. From there, the two of you make arrangements for the Homecoming. We all know there are party poopers out there, and unfortunately, there may be those that will not honor the return request. Hopefully, they'll see the announcement and you can both watch as the last leg of your Gnomad's adventure unfolds.

What if I just want to keep my gnomes?

It's your gnome; it's YOUR adventure! Your gnomes can go with you everywhere you go, or nowhere at all. It could be the guardian of your desktop, or your new travel companion. Be creative! Make up a crazy new challenge or adventure that your gnome can do around your neighborhood. Get your gnome involved in community affairs in your town!
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