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Twelve Great Garden Gifts

Looking to buy a gift for a friend or loved one? Consider one of our Twelve Great Gardening Gifts. We've come up with a selection of twelve high quality Clean Air Gardening products from our inventory that make perfect gifts for the beginning or advanced gardener.

Gardening is the most popular hobby in the United States, with Americans spending over $36 billion on gardening and lawn care equipment in 2004. That's more than people spend on golf!

Gardening is good for your health, for the environment, and for improving the appearance of your home. Not to mention the joy of working with plants and flowers, and the possibility to grow your own delicious fruits and vegetables.

You probably have several people in mind who would enjoy one of these fantastic gardening gifts. We have helpfully arranged them by category, and again at the bottom of the page by price, so that you can quickly find just the right gift to make someone very happy.

For example, the novice gardener may appreciate a Gardening Gift Set, which includes several handy tools, an adjustable belt, and an apron. This is a terrific gift to get them working in those flower beds in front of the house.

How about for your friend who has been gardening for years? Check out this Tumbleweed Composter. This unique gift makes excellent quality compost, which will greatly improve the health and vitality of their garden.

Your friend might even pay you back for your generosity with some fresh veggies or fresh cut flowers from their garden. For more information on the benefits of compost and compost tea, check out the Compost Guide.

Need more ideas? Keep reading -- there's something for everyone and for every budget.


What often separates the green thumb from a black thumb isn't ability or knowledge -- it's gardening gadgets! This handy little Electronic Soil Tester can make the difference between a thriving gardening and a thriving patch of weeds.

Why? Because plants can be very finicky about the conditions you grow them in. This gardening gadget tests soil pH, soil moisture, light levels, nitrogen, phosphorous and potash levels. You'll never have to guess what your plants need again. The Soil Tester is very easy to use and can even help with planning your garden by checking out existing soil conditions, light levels, etc. in advance.

As we mentioned before, the Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler makes a great gift for the environmentally conscious gardener. It will greatly simplify the process of composting, and is highly recommended for any gardener. Simply spin the drum and your compost mixes itself. Compost does wonders for houseplants, vegetables, flowers, whatever you decide to grow. And compost tea can act as a liquid organic fertilizer. This composter can make up to 900 pounds of compost a year, if you have enough kitchen scraps and yard waste to keep it filled.

An excellent companion to the Tumbler Compost Bin is this stainless steel compost pail, designed to collect kitchen waste to add to your compost pile. It also includes a carbon filter to eliminate any smells. The pail holds up to one gallon of scraps and makes a highly attractive kitchen counter accessory at the same time.

Sometimes, a long day of gardening can literally be a pain in the neck, and the back, and the knees! It doesn't have to be that way, though. The folding Garden Kneeler makes a wonderful gift, and you will receive endless thanks from your friend or loved one. Made of tubular steel, the kneeler will put up with the daily use of even the most serious gardener. And they'll soon discover that it is also handy for things like washing the car.

The Wolf Long Handled Garden Tool Set is another great gift to help ease some of the aches and pains associated with gardening.

The long handle design also helps increase leverage to make digging easier, and makes it so that you don't have to bend over as much when you are gardening. Wolf tools are German, so they are very high quality and well constructed.


In addition to the Gardening Gift Set, another great option for the beginning gardener is our stainless steel Garden Tool Set, which includes a high-quality garden fork, garden trowel, garden cultivator and a weeding and cutting tool. This is such as great set, you may want to consider buying one as a "garden gift" to yourself.

Weeding can sometimes take the fun out of gardening. The terrific Cape Cod Weeder makes weeding fast and easy. This weeder actually skims beneath the surface of the soil cuts off weeds at the root. The Cap Cod Weeder is one of the fastest and most efficient weeding tools available.

No gardener, beginning or advanced, should be without a good pair of high quality gardening gloves. We're proud to offer these Nitrile Coated Gloves. They are ultra thin and fit so snuggly that they permit even the finest detail work, including picking up individual seeds. Nitrile gloves are popular with both professional and home gardeners and will stand up to repeated washings. They are also designed to dry quickly.


Gardeners are avid nature-lovers, and a gift of a beautiful Heirloom Birdfeeder with a gorgeous dragonfly design, will brighten their day. This tube-style birdfeeder is made with cast aluminum for extra durability. Not only will this birdfeeder increase the number of feathered friends in the garden, it also makes for an attractive conversation piece and a functional garden sculpture.

Our Copper Rooster Weather Vane is truly a work of art! The design is identical to the classic weathervanes seen on barns and rural homes throughout the U.S. With an aluminum base and a solid copper body, this gift will benefit the receiver for years to come as it shows the wind direction while making their home look great.

Need a little extra luck in the garden? Wilfred the Garden Gnome is here to help. Garden gnomes originated in Europe in the 1800s, and have traditionally been placed in the garden as decoration and to bring the gardener good luck. This attractive and whimsical garden gnome is a classic design and is made or durable resin. Wilfred doesn't mind wet and cold weather, but also enjoys hanging out indoors. Don't forget that garden gnomes like to have a few friends around for company, so you might want more than one.


Our list of 12 gardening gifts includes four gifts for under $30.

  • Gardening Gift Set, $29.95
  • Cape Cod Weeder, $13.95
  • Nitrile Coated Gardening Gloves, $12.95
  • Wrist-Easy Ergonomic Trowel, $18.95

  • And remember to check out our full catalog for more gift ideas for under $30.


    1. Gardening Gift Set, $29.99
    2. Stainless Steel Garden Tool Set, $39.99
    3. Cape Cod Weeder, $13.99
    4. Nitrile Coated Gardening Gloves, $12.99
    5. Compost Tumbler, $179.99
    6. Stainless Steel Compost Pail, $41.95
    7. Electronic Soil Tester, $37.99
    8. Garden Kneeler, $33.99
    9. Wolf Long Handled Garden Tools, from $39.99
    10. Heirloom Birdfeeder, $59.99
    11. Copper Rooster Weather Vane, $238.99
    12. Wilfred the Garden Gnome, $34.99

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