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Garrett Juice Organic Fertilizer 1 QT

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  • Howard Garrett is the well known organic gardening expert whose books, radio show and television segments provide a wealth of organic gardening information.

    Garrett Juice is his personal liquid organic fertilizer recipe. You can make it yourself, or you can buy this ready made mix.

    It is a mix of compost tea, molasses, fermented wine and seaweed. Use it to spray all plants, ornamentals and food crops, at least once a month although every 2 to 3 weeks is even better, according to Howard Garrett. Garrett Juice is also an excellent liquid fertilizer in the soil. Try it in potted plants and you’ll see for yourself.

    Suggested Application Rate:

    Mix 2 oz. of Garrett Juice per gallon of water.

    Apply early in the morning or in the evening -- avoid the hotter part of the day. Start applications when new emerging plants have 3 or 4 leaves.

    For insect control: Add a quarter cup garlic tea or garlic/pepper tea 1 - 2 ounce of orange oil per gallon is also effective (but no more than that - too much orange oil can scorch plant leaves).

    The ingredients of Garrett Juice are a well balanced blend of nutrients - they sustain vibrant plants, beneficial fungi, and healthy soil bacteria all at the same time.
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