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Patio Gardening Success Kit

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Staking Kit:


The Patio Gardening Success Kit is an automatic gardening system that does the most difficult and time consuming gardening work for you. It waters while you're away, automatically adds the correct amount of fertilizer every day, keeps weeds out, and even shows you the best spacing for your plants.

Whether you're a veteran gardener or a novice, your growing success is guaranteed with this outstanding self-watering/self-fertilizing planter. There's also an optional growing frame that's perfect for climbing vines like cucumber, squash, and sweet peas.

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This planter is ideal for growing large crops of tomatoes, peppers, squash, and other vegetables. If you buy two or three kits you'll have all the home grown fresh vegetables and herbs that your family can eat.

The Patio Success Planter also works as an amazing herb planter, and for vibrant, robust flowers and ornamental plants. Whatever you want to grow, you can grow it with ease in your Gardening Success Kit.

This container garden works so well because of a unique self-watering reservoir system that includes a 4-gallon water well. It also has an ingenious slow release nutrient patch, which also acts as a weed barrier. The planter maintains a perfect soil moisture level for weeks while the nutrient patch delivers the correct amount of fertilizer every day as your plants grow. Gardening has never been this easy and fun!

This product was the winner of the 2007 MGA Green Thumb Award as the Outstanding New Garden Product for 2007 by an independent group of garden writers. It was recognized because of its unique and carefree watering and fertilizing technology and for the fact that it helps solve common gardening problems.

Everyone dreams of picking ripe tomatoes and peppers right from their own garden. But sometimes with the work involved, it's hard to find the time to get around to it. With this planter, there's no wondering what your plants need. The Garden Patch provides the right nutrients at the right time.

Grow a big garden in a small space

Don't let the compact size of this grow box fool you. This is a mighty growing tool. Put it anywhere that's convenient where you get enough sun. It will look great on your patio or deck - and you'll pick cleaner, healthier produce without fighting off annoying critters and pests.

This planter is great for apartments and smaller living quarters. The Garden Patch Patio Gardening Success Kit was designed by professionals for people who want an easy, productive and hassle-free garden.

The Patio Gardening Success Kit is made in the USA of UV treated plastic and will last for years. The plastic is color treated through and through, which helps disguise and scratches or dings that might happen over time.

Not enough time to garden? Here's the solution

Gardening is supposed to be fun, not another weekend chore. Forget about digging up the yard and watching an in-ground garden get out of hand. The nutrient patch, which also acts as a weed barrier, delivers just the right amount of fertilizer while the water seeps up through osmosis to water your plants.

Growing with the Garden Patch is a snap. You'll spend quality time picking healthful veggies and not worrying about garden chores.

Poor Soil at Home?

This raised planter lets you control the soil conditions for a perfect soil mix every time. You have total control over the soil, and the planter keeps out invasive roots, contaminated ground water, and other factors. If you live in an area where the ground works against your garden, the soil you use in the planter can be whatever is right for your plants.

Say goodbye to rocky, sandy and depleted soil. The Garden Patch Patio Gardening Success Kit works anywhere. It provides everything your plants need right from the get-go. Now people everywhere can enjoy a garden wherever they choose. Start planting earlier and pick produce later into the season. Get two or more crops from one season. Put your garden where YOU want it to be!

Suffer From a Bad Back?

With a raised bed planter, you can garden at the height that's right for you. The great thing about a raised planter is that you choose where to put it. Position the Garden Success Kit at a comfortable standing height, and there's no need to bend over for pruning or watering. You can then harvest your tomatoes, prune, etc., with minimal strain on your back and knees.

This perfect garden planter is a great option for older gardeners or for those who otherwise have trouble kneeling and working in the garden.

Grow Tomatoes and Other Vegetables You'll Be Proud Of.

Your success is assured because the Garden Patch has all the growing skills built in. You'll pick dozens of tomatoes weeks before your neighbor picks even three. It's natural, easy and it works every time.

The Patio Garden Success Kit even provides perfect spacing for your plants. Simply determine the spacing for your plants with the handy spacing guide, lay the nutrient patch on top of the soil, plant your plants and add water to the water reservoir.

Add a replacement nutrient pack to your order and prepare for next season too!

Imagine your delight as you hand a cluster of sun-warmed tomatoes to a friend and say, "Try these, I grew them in my garden."

Each kit can grow up to two vegetables like tomatoes or peppers, or six to eight herb plants like basil and oregano. You can also grow up to 10 plants if you grow okra, beans, corn, carrots, peas, radishes, sunflowers, etc.

Patio Garden Success Kit Details:

  • The GrowBox measures 28" long by 13" wide and 11.5" tall, which gives you plenty of room for lots of plants.
  • Easy assembly. The planter snaps securely together quickly and easily. You can be growing vegetables in minutes.
  • Includes 1 Nutrient Patch with premium fertilizer. It also acts as a weed barrier, and has a plant spacer guide built in. Just cut holes in the patch and your plants will be perfectly spaced for optimal growing conditions.
  • Bottom water well has a four gallon capacity and keeps the soil moist for weeks, while avoiding root rot and overwatering.
  • Large top soil compartment, which is large enough to grow a variety of plants.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to grow plants all year long.
  • 2 gates for holding the soil in the wicking area included. These gates provide aeration and an ideal osmosis watering system.
  • Planter design keeps soil aerated and helps avoid fungus, root rot, and diseases.
  • Perfect for older gardeners or gardeners with back or knee trouble. Simply elevate the planter to comfortable level to avoid back strain and work while standing.
  • 4 spikes for securing the Nutrient Patch to the soil, so that it stays securely in place.
  • Complete instructions and growing guide. The growing guide tells you how to space your plants depending on what you grow.

  • The Patio Gardening Success Kit is made in the USA of UV treated plastic and will last for years.


    To make the most out of a small area, add the staking kit to your order. This kit provides a growing frame for tomatoes, raspberries, bean poles, and other climbing plants. The frame helps support the plant's weight as they produce fruit, which prevents the fruit from falling off prematurely and lets the plant devote more energy to developing full, ripe produce.

    The optional growing frame is made from steel (to resist weathering) and finished to look just like bamboo poles. It is a quarter inch thick and is 4 feet tall by 3.3 feet wide. Order it with your Patio Garden Success Kit and there's no extra shipping charge.

    Add a replacement nutrient pack to your order and prepare for next season too!

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