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Compost Bins
Imagine how your lawn and garden would benefit from unlimited amounts of free organic fertilizer. That's what you get when you make your own compost!
Rain Barrels
Free shipping! Rain barrels allow you to harvest free rainwater and use it to water your garden plants and shrubs.
Garden Tools
A well made garden tool makes gardening easier, much more enjoyable, and helps keep your plants healthy and green.
Organic Fertilizers
Organic fertilizers help you improve the soil of your lawn and garden. Healthy soil is the long term key to lawn and garden success.
Organic Pest Control
These organic pest control products and repellents will solve most common home and garden pest issues.
Raised beds offer plenty of benefits for your garden - in addition to their aesthetic appeal, raised beds improve drainage, reduce the pain of bending down, and make it easier to control the soil. If you want to quickly replant your entire garden, raised garden beds make it easy to transition with the seasons (or just change your mind).
Garden Accessories
A wide selection of different accessories for the lawn and garden.
Garden Arbors
A high quality garden arbor adds a beautiful look to any yard or garden. Garden arbors work great with climbing plants and vines like climbing roses or ivy.
Garden Planters
Enjoy year round gardening with our collection of hydroponic and other indoor garden planters.
Gardening Books