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Garden Tool Starter Kit

Regular Price: $149.99

This four piece garden tool starter set is the perfect quartet of garden instruments for any size garden. Included in the kit is a heart-shaped double-hoe, a potting trowel, professional swan neck pull hoe and a p-grip heart-shaped push hoe.

Each professional garden tool has a handle made of European Ash wood that is the ultimate in handle strength. Some pieces are forged steel and some are cast steel.

Because the heart-shaped double-hoe and the swan neck pull hoe have longer handles, they allow you to garden standing up, rather than kneeling or bending over, making it easier on your legs and back. This ergonomic design ultimately gives you more time in your garden.

If these garden tools were sold separately, the total to buy all four could cost $174.60, but all together through us, they are only $149.99!

This kit includes:

  • Heart-shaped Double-Hoe - This cast steel tool easily breaks up tough soil, like clay or extremely dry soil. It's dual-sided head allows you to cut through tough soil on one side and dig through soil for really tough stuff or create narrow rows for planting.

  • Potting Trowel - With an easy-to-grip handle and shorter, more rounded head, this trowel makes it easier to dig 4-6 inch diameter holes for planting. It is make of tempered steel and each side is sharpened.

  • Professional Swan Neck Pull Hoe - This tool is ideal for maintenance once you've got your plants established. Don't worry about chopping away at weeds. Simply slide the half-moon head along the surface of the soil to let the sharp edge cut weeds. Applying a little bit of pressure allows you to sink the hoe deeper into the soil to get weeds at the roots.

  • P-Grip Heart-Shaped Push Hoe - Sometimes, using a hoe with a wide head can get you into trouble around plants that grow near each other or spread out while they grow. With this hoe, you can easily maneuver around tight spots in between plants like lettuce, onions, young corn, etc. It's steel head easily plunges through soil to cultivate and aerate it at the same time. With it's medium length handle and bar across the top, you can easily grip it with two hands for more power, which is great for those with arthritis or weakened joints.
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