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Garden Revitalization kit

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This item is no longer available. It has been replaced with Liquid Worm Castings - fortified worm tea.

Want to raise your own worms? Check out the Can O Worms Round Vermicomposter or the Stackable Worm Bin!

Do you have dead patches in your yard or garden? Turn those brown patches green with the Garden Spot Revitalization Kit! This kit includes 15 lbs of organic fertilizer, approximately 10 dozen red worms, and 3 pounds of worm cocoons. That's enough fertilizer to treat 150 square feet, and this breeding colony of worms will gradually transform your entire yard.

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The worms and worm cocoons will arrive in 4 separate folded paper containers. This makes it easy to place worms in various locations without separating them yourself, and it also provides some protection against spillage.

As worms burrow through the soil, they help break down debris and turn waste into fertilizer. They convert dead roots, buried wood chips, and other organic matter into dark, rich soil. Plants prosper on worm castings and develop stronger, richer growth due to the easy availability of essential nutrients.

Worms also aerate the soil. As they burrow, they leave air trails that allow oxygen to penetrate the ground. Aerobic soil bacteria require this free flow of air to survive. Aerobic bacteria perform many vital functions in the soil, including nitrogen fixation and nutrient cycling. Symbiotic soil bacteria help plants digest the soil into food they can use.

Why do I want worms in my garden?!?

Not everyone associates worms with fresh vegetables. In fact, many people resist the idea of putting worms in their garden, because they think worms will get into the produce and destroy their hard work. On the contrary - worms help gardens produce healthier, more flavorful fruit by fertilizing and aerating the soil. They also eliminate compost in the soil that might otherwise attract harmful insects, and worm castings are a natural insect repellent.

Worms don't make a mess because their waste breaks down neatly into the soil. Worm castings are odor free and safe to handle with your hands. Children and pets can play in the dirt where worms live without any risk of disease or chemical exposure. Earthworms will even help eliminate pesticide and chemicals from the soil. Nightcrawlers often ingest the same soil several times, digesting it repeatedly until all of the organic matter is broken down. That's just how plants like their soil, because they have to spend less energy extracting nutrients that they need.

This worm kit can be used for more than just gardens - it also works to revitalize potted plants, flowers, shrubs, orchards, tree farms, shrubberies, and berry bushes.

The garden revitalization kit comes in a reusable, earth friendly cloth bag. After you empty the bag into your yard or garden, you can use the bag for groceries or carrying around gardening tools.

You can also make your own worm castings by composting your food scraps and lawn clippings in a worm assisted composting bin.

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