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Garden Accessories

These garden accessories cover everything from decorative garden products, garden statues, bird feeders, gardening gifts to many other items for your yard and garden.

We hope you'll find some good ideas about gardening accessories to buy from this section.
Wind Chimes
Wind chimes help create a calm and peaceful environment in and yard or garden. We offer a wide variety of sizes and tones.
Decorative Outdoor Thermometers
Our large outdoor thermometer selection offers you a stylish way to tell the temperature outside while choosing your wardrobe. Choose from several different patterns and designs to buy online.
Garden Gnomes
Garden gnomes make for a fun, whimsical addition to your yard or home.
Garden Arbors
A high quality garden arbor adds a beautiful look to any yard or garden. Garden arbors work great with climbing plants and vines like climbing roses or ivy.
Backyard Chicken Coops
Chicken coops are perfect for backyard chicken farmers.
Bat Houses
Bats help control harmful insects, including mosquitoes, wasps, and locusts. With a snug home to stay in, bats are happy to patrol your property and keep the bugs away.
Rain Chains
A functional and beautiful way to capture rain water, rain chains look great on any home.
Garden Fountains
Available in stone, brass, and ceramic, these colorful fountains can be placed with or without water.
Bird Feeders
You don't have to buy hiking boots to go birding. With these feeders and shelters you can attract wildlife right into your own yard.
Garden Stones
An entire section of decorative garden stones with different types of messages.
Garden Hose Reels
Garden hose reels, pots and carts make keeping the garden hose clean and tangle-free easy.
Wind Spinners
Wind spinners make a great decorative accessory either indoors or outdoors as they twist and turn in the wind.
Greenhouses allow you to get started gardening earlier in the year, and also to extend your gardening season well into the fall.
Garden Signs and Plaques
Check out our garden signs are plaques for any lawn, garden, flower bed, or even a dedication tree!
Garden Gifts
All of the tools and products on this page make great gardening gifts. If you are looking for the perfect garden gift for that special someone, this is a great place to start.
Available in a wide variety of styles and designs, our sun dials look beautiful in any garden.
Patio Garden Products
Grow a garden right on your patio. Check out our patio gardening products!
Birds are entertaining, beautiful guests who also perform free services around the yard. They eat hundreds of insects a day, pollinate flowers, and even dive bomb rodents before they can dig up your landscape.
Rain Gauges
Measuring rainfall can be useful and attractive with these high quality rain gauges.
From the traditional rooster to a tropical pineapple, we've got the best weathervanes for any home!
Garden Fairy Statues
A garden fairy makes any garden more beautiful.
Pond Supplies
These pond supplies help you build and maintain beautiful a garden pond.
Kitchen Garden Products
Check out our kitchen garden products. Grow your own food right in your backyard.
Mongolian Basalt Garden Fountain
Price: $399.99
Made of dark, crystal rich stone, this pillar is a beautiful and primal lawn fountain.
Seed House Collapsible Mini Greenhouse
Price: $99.99
A mini greenhouse is a convenient, inexpensive and effective way to protect your tender shrubs and perennials against damaging winter environments.
Dublin Garden Arbor
Price: $159.99
The Dublin Arbor has a beautiful traditional arch with slick side walls!
Flying Pig Weathervane
Price: $59.95
This copper pig weathervane really is flying!
Floating Skimmer and Pond Fountain
Price: $189.99
Sale Price: $179.99
A floating skimmer and pond fountain is a perfect way to keep your pond or water garden free of surface debris.
Songbird Window Feeder
Price: $29.99
Cast Aluminum Backyard Dragonfly Sundial
Price: $59.99
Made of cast aluminum, so it's durable and rust free.
Grande View Ground Mount Rain Gauge
Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $46.99
Easy-to-read numbers and a beautiful brass casing complete this rain gauge.
Drip It Frog Houseplant Waterer
Price: $12.99
During your vacation time, the Drip-it frog waters your plants automatically for two weeks.
Vermont Weather Station
Price: $68.99
Sale Price: $57.99
A dial based weather station that measures temperature and humidity.
Raised Bed Staking Kit DIY
Price: $95.00
With these brackets, you can assemble a custom Raised Bed planter that fits any location.
Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel
Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $125.99
Keep that garden host neatly organized with a wall mounted hose reel.
Brass Toucan Garden Fountain
Price: $229.99
This toucan is actually an outdoor fountain that has a mouth that moves in conjunction with water flow.
I Love You Garden Stone
Price: $8.99
Small enough to fit in a pocket, this small stone carries three big words.
Sun Wind Spinner Copper
Price: $23.99
Sale Price: $19.70
This warm copper wind spinner shines like the sun in its center.
Cattail Mesh Wire Garden Stake Bird Feeder
Price: $14.99
Bronze Fairy Garden Statue 8.5"
Price: $24.99
Butterfly-like wings make this fairy garden statue a little different from all the rest.
Digital Bird and Wildlife Camera BirdCam Pro
Price: $219.99
Sale Price: $189.99
Bat House designed for bats, not decoration!
Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $49.99
Hand made, using North American Bat House Research Project guidelines.
Hedgehog Statue
Price: $49.99
Enamel Outdoor Thermometer
Price: $32.99
Beautiful enamel finish on this thermometer imported direct from France. More color options.
Jeffersonian Steampunk Rain Gauge
Price: $189.99
Sale Price: $178.09
Garden Stone - When Someone You Love Becomes a Memory
Price: $19.99
This decorative garden stone is a testament to the memories of those we love.
Crocus Flower Rain Chain
Price: $83.79
This copper rain chain features the beautiful Crocus flower. More color options.
High Visibility Thermometer
Price: $62.99
This huge thermometer is easy to read at a distance, which is great if you're indoors and you want to know just how cold it is outside.
Red Hummingbird Wind Spinner
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $18.91
A beautiful hummingbird takes a drink inside this dazzling, red wind spinner.
Dianthus Garden Sign
Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $74.99
"My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful." -Abram L. Urban
Metal Blue Heron Statue
Price: $149.99
Biker Garden Gnome Couple 15 inch
Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $79.99
This biker garden gnome couple does everything together, and that includes the occasional bar brawl.
Plant Around Corner Planter
Price: $19.99
A garden planter designed to mount on a corner.
Church Style Birdhouse
Price: $89.99
Mini Gnome Be Gone Garden Monsters
Price: $58.99
Sale Price: $44.99
A funny addition to your desk or garden. A sculpture of tiny monsters carrying away a mini garden gnome.
Double Link Rain Chain
Price: $83.64
Dual circles looped together create a beautiful rain chain that will quickly become a focal point in any garden. More color options.
Hummingbird Weathervane
Price: $179.99
Sale Price: $149.99
You will always be able to enjoy the beautiful hummingbird in any season with this weathervane.
Garden Gnome with Walking Stick
Price: $29.99
Have stick - will travel!
Cast Aluminum Frog Statue
Price: $49.99
Rosette Sundial
Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $89.99
Includes a compass and a tall stylish gnomon