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Glass Fruit Fly Trap with Lure

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Fruit flies can be a nuisance around the home. They are particularly irritating pests to have. They are typically attracted to rotting or over-ripened fruit, and are common in kitchen areas where fruit is allowed to ferment or ripen.

An easy way to get rid of fruit flies is with a trap such as this. This particular trap is glass, colorful, and is a safe, effective, non-toxic solution to getting rid of these pests. This fruit fly trap can be hung anywhere where the flies are present. Typically, you want to place the trap somewhere around 2 feet where the fruit flies are present. It will also look fine on a kitchen countertop.

To use, just remove the top from the trap, add the content of one lure packet to a quarter of a cup of warm mater and a drop or two of dish soap. Mix it gently, then tilt the jar and pour the mixture in. Then cap the top of hang or place the jar accordingly.

Be sure to wash your hands after use. The solution will be good for 10 to 14 days - or until the trap is full of fruit flies. Empty and wash the trap after use, but do not wash it in the dishwasher. Make sure that you use a new lure each time you clean the trap and set a new trap out.

You can purchase extra lures at the top of this page or you can purchase them separately here.
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