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Replacement Bug Light UV Bulb EL-092

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Ever wonder how the flies seem to appear out of nowhere? Did you know they can actually breed in your floor drains? Over time, they become lined with an organic sludge that creates a fertile breeding ground for flies, gnats and a wealth of other winged dinner-ruiners.

Having a bug zapper at either end of the kitchen is the best way to ensure they never find their way into the dining room. And to keep your bug zapper up and running, make sure to keep a supply of Replacement Bug-Light UV Bulbs on hand.

It's no secret, but without the UV bulb your fly trap or bug zapper is just a useless hunk of metal hanging from the wall. Make sure that when the bulb burns out, you're not inundated with unwanted pests.

The EL-092 Replacement Bug-Light UV Bulb is 18 inches in length, comes in packs of two and is meant to replace bulbs in the following Gardner devices: GT-480, RG-1002, RG-970, AG-241 and AG-661.

Replacement Bug Light UV Bulb EL-092 Features:

  • Measures 18" in length
  • Comes in a package of two bulbs
  • Fits in the following bug traps:
    - 80 Watt Ultraviolet Light Wall Mounted Insect Light Trap GT-480
    - Corner Mounted Ultraviolet Light Commercial Bug Zapper RG-1002
    - Commercial Ultraviolet Light Bug Zapper AG-970
    - Hangable Commercial Electronic Insect Zapper AG241
    - Outdoor Commercial Electric Fly Zapper AG-661
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