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Flexible, Tough 8 Gallon Tub from recycled material

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Product Description

If you have bulky items to carry, or just want an easy way to cart gardening supplies around, you'll appreciate this flexible 8 gallon bucket. It's made from 100% recycled material. You can bend, twist, shimmy, and shake it quite a bit, and it'll still return to the same shape. The tub has two sturdy handles built into the top, and it holds up to 8 US Gallons. It is approximately 12" tall with an 18" diameter (not counting the handles). The base narrows slightly - it's about 12 inches in diameter. If you have delicate plants to carry around, the flexible tub's material will keep their roots protected. It's UV resistant, impervious to light, and can protect contents against frost or floodwater. The list of things you can use this garden tub for goes on and on. These rubber buckets are great for covering, carrying, mixing, pouring, scooping, plastering, storing, washing, and just about any other verb you can think of! They are extremely flexible and durable. This makes the rubber tub easier to handle than other buckets and it lasts longer too. Think of the many ways that this gardening bucket could make your day easier...
  • Collecting garden rubbish and weeds
  • Scooping up feed for horses, cows, pets, and orphan children
  • Collecting and storing water
  • Covering plants during ice storms or freeze alerts
  • Holding dirty shoes and garden tools
  • Carrying washing to the clothesline
  • Washing pets
  • Holding picnic supplies at the beach
  • As a bucket
  • Carrying polish and dusters
  • Watering plants
  • Berry tub
  • Spray mixer
  • Washing gravel for fish tanks
  • Storing shoe polishing items
  • Tool carrier
  • Pourer
  • Feed scoop
  • Sweeping dust or leaves into
  • Mortar bucket
  • Weeder
  • Storing toys
  • Scooper
  • Removing rubble from confined spaces
  • Holding muddy boots
  • Washing tools
  • Plumbers bucket
  • Growing mushrooms
  • Flower basket
  • Manure collector
  • Wallpaper paste bucket
  • Dyeing fabric or Easter eggs
  • Car wash bucket
  • Mucking out horses
  • Compost mixer
  • Log basket
  • Apple basket
  • Water container
  • Displaying items for sale
  • Washing basket
  • Hanging basket dunker
  • Animal water bucket
  • Crop gatherer
  • Grass collector
  • Fish container
  • Animal feed bucket
  • Mixing compost
  • Storing food in kitchens
  • Soaking washing overnight
  • Pet bed
  • Footbath
  • Feeding animals
  • Mixing cement/plaster
  • Builders spot
  • Trimmings collector
  • Mulch spreader
  • Recycling tub
  • These tubs are used by professionals worldwide for many heavy duty jobs. They're a major time saver for landscape gardeners, builders, painters, mechanics, and fishermen. They're also great for household chores - the two handles make it easy to carry the tub in one hand and cleaning items in the other. You can sweep up into it like a dustpan, carry messy cleaning chemicals, or gather scraps into it. In your garage or on you patio, these tubs are great for holding recyclable cans and bottles. Just pick it up and dump into your recycling bin when the tub is full. This also makes a useful accessory for washing your car - it's watertight and will hold up to 8 gallons of cleaning water. When you're done, just pick up the rubber bin and pour the dirty water down a drain. This utility tub can also simplify your lawn chores. Fold it flat to sweep up leaves, mix compost in it, or dunk your hanging baskets with it. After a hard day working in the yard, you can even fill the gardening bucket with ice and cans of your favorite drink. The drinks will be chilled and ready when you need a break! If you leave dirt or wet cement in the utility bin overnight, it's easily to clean out. The surface is non-reactive, so it wont stain or stick to anything you leave in it. Just shake the rubber tub out and it's ready to tackle another task! Please note, the rubber tub is currently only available in green (new pictures are coming soon)

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