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Flea Zapper Comb for Dogs and Cats

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The Flea Zapper combs away fleas with a mild electric shock. Dogs, cats, and other pets are unaffected, but fleas are stunned for easy removal. This battery operated flea zapper works without harmful chemicals and is a great non-toxic way to groom away pests.

The Flea Zapper Electric Comb uses two AA batteries, and isn't tied down by a wall cord. The electric charge is passed between the teeth of the comb. This means that pet fur protects animals and they are unharmed. Many pets appreciate the attention and soothing brushstrokes, but it may take several times before they are used to a change in routine.

For the best results, please use a regular brush to clear out knots and burrs before using the Flea Zapper. Treatment should be repeated daily for at least 2 weeks to remove all fleas. Some fleas may hatch after treatment, or simply be missed. Repeated treatments ensure that all fleas are removed.

Do not use the flea zapper when animals are wet and avoid touching parts of the body that are not protected by fur. Ears, lips, eyes, and broken skin should be avoided.

The Flea Zapper makes a faint buzzing sound when in use. If the buzzing stops, that means a flea is getting fried! After the fleas are stunned, we recommend putting them in a ziplock trash bag or flushing them down the toilet for disposal. Remove loose fur from the comb to ensure good contact with fleas.

*Batteries are not included.
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