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What Makes us an Eco-Friendly Company?

Here at Clean Air Gardening, we don't just sell eco-friendly stuff, we live eco-friendly stuff! When we moved into our new warehouse and office space back in 2007, we decided to give it a green makeover to the fullest extent.

This collection of videos and web pages about our environmentally friendly building features and business practices is our way of showing you that we're not just talk. We want to do all we can to ensure we leave as little impact as we can on this earth, and these are some of the ways we are doing that.

Hey, maybe you'll learn a thing or two and implement some of these features at your own home or business.

Have an idea of something else we could do? Send us an email and let us know!

We didn't list EVERYTHING we are doing here, of course. But this list should give you a pretty good idea.

Keep checking back, because we're adding more material here all the time!
Recycling around the office
An in-depth look at the recycling process here at Clean Air Gardening. We do a lot to make sure that we are effectively recycling and eliminating waste.
Electric Forklift
Clean Air Gardening goes Carbon Neutral
Learn about the steps that Clean Air Gardening is taking to reduce and fully offset our carbon emissions as a company.
No VOC Painted Walls
Fighting For Solar
Refrigerated Warehouse Door
Cork Flooring
LED Lighting
Corn Starch Packing Peanuts
Recycled Paper
No VOC Flooring
Recycled Office Furniture
Recycling and Trash Bins
Energy Star Rated Sky Lighting
HET Dual Flush Water-Saving Caroma Toilet