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Electric Riding Mower with Grass Catcher

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    The Electric Riding Mower is a clean and quiet way to mow large areas without burning any gas. This self propelled lawn mower does all of the work and has a comfortable ride. It has 3 hours of battery life and can handle 2 acres of grass or more.

    The 27 inch cutting area is huge and will make short work of large areas. The mower pushes itself and is controlled with a variety of hand controls. There's no muscle strength required, and the controls are ergonomically placed to prevent strain.

    At the heart of the mower is an electric mower with 3 rechargeable batteries that drive the wheels and the cutting blades. These batteries deliver 36 volts and 38 Amp hours, driving a 900 watt electric drive motor and a dual cutting system. The mower moves at an adjustable speed, going from a crawl to jogging pace, and the motor is strong enough to move up and down hills.

    Technical Details
  • 27" Cutting Swathe
  • 36v 38Ah power system
  • Charges on standard wall outlets
  • Smart charger turns itself off when fully charged
  • Instant start ignition
  • Dual Cutting Blade System
  • 900 watt Electric Drive Motor
  • Grass Catcher holds up to 3 bushels of clippings
  • Adjustable Cutting Height with 5 settings
  • Standard trailer hitch for towing
  • Reinforced frame made from welded steel
  • LED display shows the battery charge
  • Meets American National Standards Institute B71.1 Standards
  • 2 Year Warranty from the manufacturer
  • 300 pound weight limit

  • This electric mower is one of the most powerful earth friendly lawnmowers available. It uses electricity instead of gasoline, and can be charged from a standard wall outlet. If you have a green source of power handy, this mower will have no direct or indirect emissions.

    There is no fuel to spill, and no fumes are emitted. Filling the fuel tank on a conventional lawnmower is a messy and time consuming task. Spilled fuel can harm your lawn and pollute local streams. Gasoline motors also emit toxic chemicals and carcinogens, some of which can cause asthma attacks, sick plants, and lingering health issues. This green lawnmower has none of those problems.

    Charging the batteries takes 8-12 hours. The included smart charger will shut off when the batteries reach full charge, which prevents damage to the batteries or wasted power. When fully charged, this electric mower can operate for 3 hours (or more) without being tethered by an electric cord.

    The small size of the mower is also very useful. At only 30 inches wide, it easily fits in small spaces or through narrow openings. It will fit easily through most garden gates, and will reach areas that are inaccessible to other riding mowers. The Recharge Mower fits between trees and shrubs, reducing the need for edging or trimming with another gardening tool. This mower is not big or intimidating.

    The Riding Electric Lawnmower is nearly silent. There's no need for ear protection, and it wont disturb pets or neighbors. This is the perfect mower for early morning mowing because it wont wake anyone up. It's so quiet that it beeps when backing up to prevent accidentally running over anyone.

    Other safety features include headlights, blades that disengage when the engine is in reverse, a weight sensor that prevents mowing unless the seat is occupied, and a blade disengage tied into the parking brake. The blades and the motor have two separate trigger controls. These dual controls prevent the mower from moving unexpectedly.

    The cutting height is adjustable, with 5 different cutting heights. It's possible to adjust the cutting height from 0.75 to 2.75 inches. The cutting area is 27 inches in diameter, which is substantially larger than most push mowers.

    A grass catcher is included and attaches to the rear of the mower. This debris catcher is great for storing lawn clippings for disposal or composting. The grass clippings are also free from chemicals; they wont get contaminated by gasoline as they do in some gas powered lawn mowers.

    The Recharge Mower is very low maintenance. There's no need to replace filters or plugs. Since it doesn't use fuel or oil, there's no need to refill the fuel tank or change the oil. The electric motor also has fewer moving parts and less mechanical wear.

    Optional accessories
    These accessories do not come with the lawnmower and are not necessary for operation, but they an be added to your order for even more versatility and comfort. To add them, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

    Trailer: The all metal trailer is great for towing garden tools or carrying bags of fertilizer. The trailer is the same width as the mower (30 inches) and attaches to the hitch. It has 13 inch wheels and carries up to 300 lbs. The rear gate is removable.

    Lawn roller: The rolling bar is a great way to flatten your lawn and compress soil that is too loose. The roller can be filled with water or sand for added weight. It has durable, all metal construction and is 30 inches wide.

    Rain cover: Protect your mower from the elements with this tailored cover. The tarp has elastic bands to secure it to the base, and is made from tear resistant fabric. The best place to store a mower is in a covered garage, but this tarp can protect against water leaks, dust storms, or hail.

    Seat pad: The removable seat cover has added padding for comfort and storage pockets on the back. It includes 2 mesh storage pockets, a storage pouch, and a zippered pocket. The mesh storage compartments are great for garden tools because they allow the contents to air out and dry. The other compartments are great for soda cans, garage remotes, sunscreen, or whatever else you need for a comfortable mowing experience.
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