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Ecomposter Rotating Sphere Composter with Base

39.99 LBS
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Product Description

Make sure you get the best composter for your needs by reading our helpful article, Composter Reviews: Lars's Quick Picks . This futuristic composter looks like it just landed from another planet, but it is designed to quickly convert kitchen scraps into earth friendly compost. The Rotating Sphere Composter holds up to 71 gallons of material and will produce about 17 gallons of finished compost at a time. The Eco-Sphere works quickly, producing humus in as little as 4-6 weeks. It achieves fast results due to it's size, rotating design, and heat absorbing features. View Product Demo The large EcoSphere is a year round composter - it is designed to be weatherproof and self-insulating. The spherical design insures maximum capacity with minimal surface area. This reduces the amount of heat loss and creates a bubble where compost bacteria can continue to work even on cold days. The spherical composter is the ideal size for achieving high internal temperatures while avoiding stinky anaerobic bacteria. It's important to rotate compost so that aerobic bacteria receive enough oxygen to do their job. For most compost piles, aerating the compost is a major chore that involves back breaking labor with a pitchfork. This round composter is much easier to use - simply rotate the sphere and air will work its way in as the compost tumbles. The large composter is mounted on set of smooth rolling wheels, so it's easy to move even when there's lots of heavy material inside. The dark black color of the composter is wonderful at absorbing energy from sunlight. The spherical shape will trap heat and bake your compost from all sides. This passive heating accelerates decomposition and allows the composter to work even in extremely cold temperatures. You may want to move the composter into shade during the summer to avoid overheating. The dual function lid on the top of the composter keeps out rain water and large insects. The lid opens in two different ways - a small opening for emptying a compost crock and a large opening for putting in yard scraps or lots of compost at once. This recycled plastic composter is made from earth friendly materials. It is made from 100% recycled polypropylene that has been melted down and reformed instead of thrown away. After years of use, the composter can be recycled again to form new products. The standard plastic base with rollers will be included. Ball bearing driven "spinning base for easy mixing" Technical Details:
  • Capacity: 71 gallons
  • Weight: 38.4 lbs
  • Size: 32 inch diameter, 3 inch tall base
  • Assembly time: 15 to 30 mins(using common tools)
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's guarantee against defects
  • Ball bearing driven "spinning base for easy mixing"
  • Designed in Israel
  • Why compost?
    Humus is a nutrient rich fertilizer that's great for healing exhausted soil. It has a balanced mix of organic materials that plants thrive on and also contains living organisms that fight pathogens. Soil that's been enhanced with compost grows healthier plants, retains water better, and is resistant to compaction. Learn more about the benefits of compost at CompostInstructions.com. Why does the temperature matter?
    Heat is important for composting. As organic material decomposes, various bacteria become active at different temperatures. These helpful bacteria work together like stages in a booster rocket. At low temperatures, starter bacteria break down simple sugars and generate heat. As the compost pile warms, other bacteria will become active and break down complex carbs while generating higher temperatures. At high temperature, bacteria are able to break down tough material like cellulose. The fastest decomposition occurs at the highest temperature. This composter is sure to turn heads - it's been called a Borg sphere, a lunar lander, a green globe, and a few other oddball names. The important thing is that it makes compost quickly and with very little effort.

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