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70 Gallon Square Wooden Rain Barrel

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Stay close to nature with a Spruce Rain Barrel! This wooden barrel is square shaped for easy storage and maximum capacity. It is heat treated to protect against insects and mold, and the water is stored in a plastic reservoir inside the barrel.

The flat sides of this barrel are designed to make the most out of a small area. It fits snugly against walls or fences, without any wasted space. Unlike other rain barrels, there are no "dead zones" hidden behind the barrel where weeds grow or trash collects. Multiple barrels can be placed side by side (snugly) for extra capacity.

The lumber used in this barrel is sustainably harvested. It comes from a managed forest, where the environment and workers are both treated very well. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

70 Gallon Square Wooden Rain Barrel Features:

  • Dimensions: 20 inches wide, 20 inches deep, 40 inches tall
  • Capacity: 70 gallons
  • Weight: 36 lbs (dry) / ~621 pounds (full)
  • Made from FSC certified wood (red pine and maple)
  • Comes with a downspout redirector (fits 2" x 3" gutter) and brass spigot

  • Some assembly is required when purchasing this product. Clear instructions are provided, and we would be more than happy to assist you over the phone, if needed.

    Will this barrel rot or attract bugs?
    Spruce is strong and weather resistant. The Wright Brother's first plane was built of spruce, and the long wood fibers are prized for paper making. This Spruce barrel has been made even stronger with a kiln. The lumber is torrefied during construction, which means it has been baked in an oxygen-free atmosphere to cook out all of the moisture and reduce the hemicellulose content.

    Torrefaction denatures the wood sugars and makes the wood less attractive for termites or bacteria. The lumber is also strengthened and compressed by the process. Torrefaction gives the rain barrel a pleasant color without the use of wood stain, and the lumber will naturally repel water instead of soaking it up. That means it will last much longer than unprepared wood.

    Rainbarrel maintenance
    It's important to drain and clean rain barrels about once a year. Draining your barrel in late fall is a great way to protect against freeze damage and to remove leaves or debris that have washed into the barrel. This barrel has no leaf filter, but you can install mosquito netting on the diverter to keep most debris out.

    Using rain water
    Plants love untreated water, and it can be used on the lawn, the garden, and many other places around the house. It's great for washing pets, cleaning tools, and cooling down on a hot day. Any time that you need water without chemicals, rain water is a sustainable choice. Please note - rainwater is not safe for people or pets to drink.

    This rain barrel is fitted with a brass spigot. Turn the knob, and gravity will pull water out for use. The spigot has threads for a garden hose, or can be used directly for filling buckets and watering cans.

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