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Easy Self Watering Planter

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Sorry this item is no longer available. Please see our entire section of Self Watering Planters.

This affordable self watering planter is perfect for flowers, houseplants, or for easily growing vegetables with minimal effort.

This planter not only helps you not have to water your plants as often, but it also helps prevent another common problem with container growing -- overwatering.

The reservoir wick system draws the moisture up into the soil, allowing the plant to feed at its own rate. Excess moisture drains back into the bottom, away from the root system, which helps prevent root rot.

Used indoors, this planter can keep your plants moist for up to four weeks! If you are using it outside in the hot sun, or you are growing vegetables that need a lot of water, you'll need to water more often than that, of course.

The reservoir of this planter holds about 120 fluid ounces of water (7.5 pints / 0.9 gallons / 3.5 liters). That capacity increases with soil in the planter, because soil does a great job of retaining moisture. After you fill this planter up for the first time, check back a day later to top it off, and you'll see just how thirsty your soil is!

Unfilled, the planter weighs 1 lb 4 oz. Filled with soil and water, it weighs around 15 lbs.

The planter has an interior diameter of 12 inches, and an exterior diameter of 14 inches. It is 12 inches tall. The inside depth of this planter is almost 9 inches.

What our customers are saying:
"The planters actually grew tomatoes in far less time than my tomatoes in the garden. I like the portability of the pots and use them on my deck steps. Easy to water! I can just sit back and watch them grow! No weeding either. Great site! Ill definately be back for more!"
Janet K
Andover, MA
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