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Easy Indoor Urban Composter

5.00 LBS
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Product Description

In a fast paced lifestyle, the Easy Indoor Urban Composter makes it simple to recycle kitchen scraps. Contemporary Australian design and light, warm gray color of the composting bucket fits any kitchen design. Modern sleek design carries the crisp lines of a modern kitchen, but complements and blends with all kitchen designs and appliances. Match the lid to kitchen décor with a color option of black (as shown), red, green or purple. The design of this indoor composter makes it easy to use.

The Easy Indoor Urban Composter produces fertilizer through anaerobic composting. This method does not use oxygen, and is a clean method of composting, especially for indoors. The lid fits snugly to keep the air out, so there is no odor or chance for flies. Any type of food scrap can be added, except for bones and excessive liquids.

The compost accelerator spray is needed with this indoor composter to ferment the kitchen scraps. The accelerator spray contains effective microorganisms that break the food scraps down, keeping them from rotting.

Be sure to order the Urban Compost Accelerator Spray Bottle as an option above, or click the link to order separately. In a just few days, the countertop composter is producing liquid compost fertilizer. This liquid fertilizer can be diluted with water for indoor plants or a garden. Or, use the liquid as an organic drain cleaner. Drain the indoor compost bucket every few days with easy to use spigot. After one to two weeks, the compost can be added in a garden, compost pile, worm farm, or planter. There, the composting process finishes and makes room in the composting bucket to start another batch.

The Easy Indoor Urban Composter is made in fair trade conditions and designed by a family owned company in Australia. This composter is easy to use for a beginner, and efficient enough for experienced composters. Order today, and have liquid compost in a few days, and empty the compost from the bucket within 1-2 weeks. Avid composters will appreciate the quick turnaround.

Easy Indoor Urban Composter Product Features:

  • Light gray compost bucket
  • Lid color options: black, red, green, purple
  • Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Measurements: 11 inch diameter with a height of 13.75 inches at the front and 15.72 inches at the back of the compost bucket.
  • Composts greens, meat, fish, citrus, dairy, coffee grounds, wilted flowers, egg shells and more.
  • Organic compost accelerator: contains one 16 oz spray bottle, add additional bottles in the options above.

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