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Easy Composting

You want to compost at home, but you're looking for easy composting. What do you do?

First of all, you should know that all composting is relatively easy.

Sure, you can put a lot of work into making compost, if you want. You can keep your compost mixed up with a pitchfork, and you can check the temperature to see how you're doing, and carefully monitor your carbon to nitrogen ratio.

But the truth is that composting is really just the natural process of decomposition. And everything rots, eventually. So even if you compost the "wrong" way, you'll still eventually get it right in the end. It will just take a lot longer!

One really easy composting method is called trench composting. You dig a hole, you throw in all of your materials, and then you bury it all under a layer of earth. Sort of like a landfill, really. After that, the materials under the ground will all begin to decompose, enriching the soil in that spot. How's that for easy composting?

Compost tumblers are also a fairly easy method of composting. You just throw in your composting materials, keep the composter turned every few days, and you can end up with finished compost in a matter of weeks or months, depending on the mix of materials you place inside.

Standard compost bins really aren't that much harder. You put your materials inside the composter, and then you can either give it some effort and keep the materials mixed and aerated. Or you can just leave it there and wait longer. Even if you never touch the materials, you will often have completely finished compost in about a year.

A compost activator can make composting easier, because it helps speed up the activity of the microbes that are breaking your materials into finished compost.

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Still have questions about composting? We recommend the Compost Instructions web site, and this inexpensive and informative composting booklet that tells you everything you need to know about how to compost in just 32 short pages.