Earwig Trap

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Have an earwig problem, or are you just creeped out by earwigs? Keep Earwigs out of the home with this Earwig Trap.

Earwigs have been known to cause damage to crops by eating them, including softer fruits and plants. Peaches, hops, flowers - you name it. Earwigs have been able to cause economic and aesthetic damage just by feeding on your crops. There's no reason to let this happen - take back your garden from these pests!

These earwig trap utilize all natural elements and does not use toxic chemicals, so they're safe for your home. The way they work is easy: simply open the traps and bait them with fish oil, castor oil, or ripe fruit. Then place a little soapy water in the bottom of the trap. The earwigs are initially attracted to the bait. Then they fall into the water and drown. That's all there is to it.

You can place these traps in garden areas with rich soil, along fences, under shrubs, or where there are problem areas with earwigs.

If you are going to re-use the traps, wash them out with warm soapy water before you reuse. These are not dishwasher safe so please don't put them in the dishwasher.

Four traps are included in each box.
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