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Dealing With Early Spring Weeds

Early spring weeds can be an annoyance for any lawn or garden. While some people may suggest getting out the chemical herbicides and poisoning them all, this isn't actually necessary.

The fact is that spring weeds typically start growing earlier in the season that many types of grass. So, once the grass starts growing a few weeks later, they'll often crowd out those weeds with no effort at all on your part except for normal mowing and watering!

And early spring weeds typically start to die out as the weather gets hotter anyway. That's why they do better when it's still cold and the grass hasn't taken off yet.

Finally, when you mow grass, it gets stronger and healthier. But when you mow weeds, they get weaker!

There are plenty of organic alternatives that can help your lawn retain a healthy, natural, green look, and we talk about a few organic fertilizers.

But if the early spring weeds are truly bothering you, we do a several organic weed killers, and some string trimmers too.

In this video, Libba (who has just purchased her first home) addresses the issue of early spring weeds in her garden and Lars explains some alternatives to chemicals and how to organically keep the lawn healthy, weed free, and looking great!