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Doggie Dooley Dog Poop Composter Model 3000

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Product Description

Be sure to take a look at our entire selection of composters, as well as our helpful pooper scoopers. If you’re tired of having to avoid your yard because of the smell, the Doggie Dooley toilet is the clean and environmentally-friendly solution. Entering its fourth decade in production, this unique item is a must-have for pet owners concerned with the cleanliness of their yard. Exactly like a miniature septic tank, the Doggie Dooley toilet utilizes natural bacteria and enzyme cultures to reduce dog waste to a liquid form that is easily absorbed into the ground. Use the convenient foot-operated lid opener, shovel in the waste and occasionally add water and digester powder – it’s that simple! The lid is opened with your foot and closes via gravity. The Doggie Dooley Toilet 3000 is crafted from rust-proof galvanized steel with a durable polyethylene plastic lid. It comes completely assembled and is harmless to pets, lawns and other vegetation, accommodating up to two large dogs or four small dogs. The Doggie Dooley 3800 is simple to install and an environmentally responsible way to dispose of dog waste. This dog waste composter takes approximately 1 hour to install. Simply dig a hole the diameter of the unit and 48" deep and place the unit in the ground keeping the units lid at ground level. Complete installation and how to use instruction are included. Need a smaller system? Take a look at the Doggie Dooley Standard Pet Waste Disposal System that accommodates one large dog or two smaller dogs. The kit also includes six months of digester enzymes with the option of purchasing an additional six-month or 1-year supply. Doggie Dooley Dog Poop Composter Model 3000 Features:

  • Uses natural bacteria and enzymes to break down dog poop
  • Container made from durable, galvanized stainless steel
  • Works great for 2 large dogs or up to 4 smaller dogs
  • Includes 6 months of enzymes
  • Additional enzymes available in drop down menu above
  • Made in the U.S.A. Important Additional Information Locate your Doogie Dooley in an area where there is good drainage and free of tree roots. The type of soil can also be a factor when positioning the unit. Heavy clay type soils will reduce the effectiveness of the Dooley. Drainage may be checked by digging a hole and filling it with 5 gallons of water. The water should be totally gone in 48 hours. Chlorine will also reduce the effectiveness of the process. To evaporate chlorine from your water, place a bucket of water in the sun for 3-6 hours. It is recommended to always use the digestive enzymes along with natural bacteria to help break down dog poop. Because the digestive action works better as the temperature rises, you should stop using the Doogie Dooley when the temperatures are below 40 degrees. When temperatures exceed 40 degrees again add water and the digestive enzymes to your dog poop to resume breaking down your pet waste. Basic "how to use" Instructions After adding your dog poop, occasionally add the included environment-friendly enzymes which break down the dog waste. The enzymes work by breaking down the solids, which in turn, leach through the bottom of the unit and safely return to the earth.

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