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Digital Bird and Wildlife Camera BirdCam Pro

$219.99 $189.99
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19.99 LBS

Product Description

Introducing the BirdCam Pro which is the most advanced BirdCam ever. Amazingly simple to set up and use, yet surprisingly advanced in features, the BirdCam Pro sets the new standard for performance and quality. It includes a host of powerful features, such as an adjustable flash for nighttime photos and videos, and a time lapse setting for recording subjects like weather, plants, or construction. This wild life camera is durable, and designed with weatherproof construction for years of outdoor abuse.

A 2” color preview screen makes navigating the camera menus intuitive and simple – providing a convenient way to review images right on the camera. The BirdCam Pro can also send images directly to your computer (or favorite website) with an optional Wi-Fi SD card. Designed principally to monitor birds on a feeder or birdhouse, the BirdCam Pro is perfect for anyone interested in getting a better look at any type of wildlife. The BirdCam Pro is our highest performance BirdCam ever. Don't miss another shot with this digital bird camera that captures photos and videos of your birds and other backyard wildlife animals.

This weatherproof camera is very easy to use. The motion activated camera is triggered by birds as they take off and land. The fast-action lens snaps great shots while you're away and allows you to document the wildlife right in your backyard. This camera is specifically designed to capture digital photos and videos of birds and other small animals, and it's easy to operate. Although it looks like one of the old pinhole cameras, this 8 megapixel digital camera takes much better pictures than its early ancestors.

How does it work?
With a built-in infrared sensor, it detects birds and automatically captures the photos or videos, which are easy to view on any TV or download to a computer to print, email and share with friends. Get close to your birds by placing the digital bird camera near feeders, nests, bird baths, etc., and get a good look at your backyard friends. The bird camera's infrared sensor watches for bird and animal activity. If it detects any movement, the BirdCam automatically takes photos, videos, or a combination of the two (depending on how you program it). The pictures and video footage can quickly be downloaded to your computer and shared with friends, all without paying for costly development.

There are also some advanced features that allow you to customize how and when you want the bird camera to take pictures and/or videos. Stephen Kress of the National Audubon Society demonstrated how several of these features work on a recent episode of the Martha Stewart Show.

Here's the breakdown:

AUTO mode: motion-sensitive infrared sensor detects activity and automatically captures images and videos

TIME LAPSE mode: the bird cam takes images at a specific time interval

MANUAL mode: like a regular digital camera, you control when the camera captures pictures and videos with the manual shutter button Setting up and mounting your camera is easy.

The setup menu has the option of the "easy" photo and video programs, which handle most backyard applications, or you can have more control of your setup by programming Photo, Video, Photo Resolution, Delay, Number of Images per Event, Time/Date/Location imprint, Sensitivity of the infrared sensor, Erase Images, and Diagnostic Test options. These options allow you to control different aspects of your photography in different situations, making this an extremely mobile camera.

Mounting your camera is just as easy. Included with the bird camera are a pair of stretch cords that can be used to attach the bird camera to any stationary object, such as a post or tree. A standard tripod mount on the bottom attaches to any standard tripod or the optional mounting arm. This camera has a rugged, weather-proof case and is intended to stay and sit outside where humans often can't (or won't). Adjustable focus keeps images sharp at any distance 18-inches or farther and a laser aiming device helps insure aim is accurate. Specially engineered to discriminate against non-bird or other small animal movement, the camera will rarely be triggered by a swinging feeder or moving plant. Once your camera has taken some photos and/or videos, it's easy to view the images with the TV Out and USB cords. From your computer, easily email, print and share your findings with friends.

Camera Details:

  • Camera Resolution: 8 Mega pixels
  • Photo Resolution Low: 640x480; WideHD: 1920x1080
  • High: 2592 x 1944; Max: 3264 x 2448
  • Video Resolution 640x480 (10fps); 10, 20, or 30 second duration
  • Lens Field of View 42 degrees
  • Focus Distance 6” to Infinity
  • Battery Type 6 C Cell Batteries
  • Battery Life Average 6 months
  • Memory Type Up to 32GB SD Card
  • Preview Screen Preview images on 2” color screen
  • Wi-Fi Compatible with optional Wi-Fi SD card (not included)
  • Included in the BirdCam Pro Box: Mounting Bracket, Mounting Strap, User Guide, Focusing Aid
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.6 L x 5.4 W x 2.8 H
  • Optional accessories: Mounting Arm
  • Photo cell turns camera on at dawn and off at dusk, saving battery life

The camera can also be powered by an AC adapter (not included). AC adapters are not weatherproof, so they are only recommended when using this camera in a sheltered area (such as a porch or under an eave).

Included in the box:

  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Strap
  • User Guide
  • BirdCam Discovery Guide

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